The Department of Advanced Engineering Technologies focuses on aspects of modern production in its instruction and its research and development activities. 

The Department of Applied Mathematics and Natural Sciences (AMUN) currently offers courses in all of the bachelor's degree programs and in several master's degree programs.

The Department of Biochemical Engineering makes biochemical processes, which form the foundation of biological systems, technically applicable.

The Department of Biomedical, Health & Sports Engineering brings together skills and know-how in the specialized areas of medical technology, biomedical information technology, bioengineering, rehabilitation technology and sports engineering.

The Department of Computer Science is in charge of all computer science-related courses at UAS Technikum Wien.

The Department of Electronics and Telecommunications offers instruction in e.g. Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Industrial Electronics. Telecommunications and Internet technologies are part of the core education in several bachelor's and master's degree programs at UAS Technikum Wien.

The Department of Embedded Systems bridges the disciplines of electronics and computer science.

The institute has been breaking new, innovative ground since it was founded in 1994, following in the style of humanities departments at technical institutions of higher learning in the English-speaking countries.

Information Security, Intelligent Transport Systems and Semantic Systems.

Enterprise Resource Planning, IT Management, eBusiness Solutions, Business Process Management, IT Project Management, Application Development.

UAS Technikum Wien focuses on the "three-pillar model" to offer its students a technical, economic and linguistic/social education.

The Department of Renewable Energy performs research and consultancy projects in the future-oriented field of renewable energies.

Social competence and management methods are the qualifications that will increase in importance in the future.