Department of Advanced Engineering Technologies


The Department of Advanced Engineering Technologies focuses on aspects of modern production in its instruction and its research and development activities.  It examines processes in production companies and works to develop these further with environmental and economic objectives in mind. This includes the development and manufacture of competitive products, the efficient use of resources and the creation of sustainable, efficient structures.

The Department of Advanced Engineering Technologies places a special emphasis on expanding its laboratories. Students can benefit from the highly developed equipment and machines. The industrial robots, mobile robots and additional mechatronic components for automation engineering were mainly provided by industrial sponsors. The department cooperates with other universities of applied sciences through various platforms. At the international level, the department cooperates with international research institutions via the mechatronics network.

R&D emphases at the Department of Advanced Engineering Technologies 

  • Production and logistics
  • Quality management
  • Materials technologies/joining technologies
  • Industrial process design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Industrial robotics: security in collaborative operation and gripping technology
  • Mobile and service robotics
  • Automation engineering
  • Sensor technology
  • Intelligent mechatronic products, production planning, digital factory, process optimization
  • Manipulating techniques and automation engineering
  • Life cycle design: holistic approach to the life cycle of products in order to meet environmental requirements