Department of Applied Mathematics & Science


The Department of Applied Mathematics and Natural Sciences (AMUN) currently offers courses in all of the bachelor's degree programs and in several master's degree programs. There are currently around 30 instructors who pass on their knowledge in AMUN courses.

The department's competences

The department's competences lie in applied mathematics, applied physics and imparting practical scientific working methods:

  • Applied mathematics, including
    • Graph theory
    • Statistics
    • Cryptography and coding theory
    • Mathematical economics
    • Engineering mathematics
    • Numerical analysis
    • Mathematical modeling
  • Principles of applied physics, including
    • Principles of mechanical science
    • Principles of medical physics
    • Principles of material engineering
    • Thermodynamics
    • Optics
    • Electricity and magnetismSolid-state physics
    • Principles of atomic physics 
    • Principles of quantum mechanics
  • Practical scientific working methods, including
    • Planning, implementing and presenting a scientific paper
    • Requirements for a bachelor's and master's thesis