Department of Biochemical Engineering


The Department of Biochemical Engineering makes biochemical processes, which form the foundation of biological systems, technically applicable.

Medical emphasis

Tissue engineering is at the center of the institute's activities in the field of medicine. It involves reproducing still-healthy cells in the cell culture laboratory and optimally stimulating them in special bioreactors. These fully functional tissue structures are then reimplanted in patients in order to replace missing or diseased tissue. Because these tissue structures are grown from the patient's own cells, they are not rejected by the body after being implanted.

Environmental emphasis

In the field of environmental sciences, the institute's activities focus on the environmental impact of the human actions. Particular emphasis is placed on the effect chemicals have on ecological systems (ecotoxicology). More and more companies are introducing environmental management systems in order to prevent damage to the environment as much as possible. Environmental management systems guarantee a systematic approach, allowing all of the environmental aspects of a company to be documented and monitored in a structured manner. Environmental measures derived from these systems employ the latest environmental technologies to achieve ongoing improvements.

Laboratories at the institute

The equipment in the laboratories is essential to ensuring the quality of technical degree programs. A virtual tour of the institute's laboratories not only shows off the excellent equipment, but also provides insight into the well-established array of interdisciplinary methods in the field of life science technologies offered at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien.

Practice- and research-oriented instruction

The department's emphases are covered especially in the curriculum of the bachelor's degree programs Biomedical Engineering and International Business and Engineering as well as in the master's degree programs Biomedical Engineering SciencesEnvironmental Management and Ecotoxicology, International Business and Engineering and Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.