Department of Biomedical, Health & Sports Engineering


The Department of Biomedical, Health & Sports Engineering brings together all skills and know-how of the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien in the specialized areas of medical technology, biomedical information technology, bioengineering, rehabilitation technology and sports engineering.

Project topics range from conventional medical technology (e.g. respiration technology and sensors), e-health (e.g. e-card and ELGA, the Austrian electronic medical records system), the field of bioengineering (e.g. motion analysis), prosthetics and neuroprosthetics to all aspects of the production, testing and inspection of modern sports equipment.

Together with the Institute for Information Engineering & Security, the BHSE institute has been implementing numerous projects in the spheres of medical records, m-health, e-health and ELGA in the UAS Technikum Wien’s research focus area of “e-health”.

The following laboratories are available to promote the interplay of theory and practice as well as a high level of quality in research and teaching:

  • Laboratory for Biomedicine
  • Laboratory for Respiration Technology
  • Laboratory for Rehabilitation Technology
  • Laboratory for Control Engineering
  • MIS (Medical Information System) Laboratory 
  • Photonics Laboratory
  • Sports Engineering & Biomechanics Laboratory (Building A)
  • Sports Engineering & Biomechanics Laboratory (Building C)
  • Posturography and Balance Analysis Laboratory
  • Sports Development and Testing Laboratory

Teaching at the Institute for Biomedical, Health & Sports Engineering

In addition to conducting research, organizing and holding courses is among the core duties of an institute at the UAS Technikum Wien. The courses are held by lecturers employed by the UAS Technikum Wien and external lecturers from the world of business and industry, as well as from other tertiary education institutions.

The continuous interplay between lectures and practical expertise guarantees the high level of quality of studies at the UAS Technikum Wien. Current research results that are incorporated into the courses help to increase the level of qualification of students and graduates.