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The usability laboratory has been one of the core elements of the Institute of Computer Sciences at UAS Technikum Wien for more than ten years. Usability, i.e. the user-oriented design of interactive systems, helps users to complete their tasks efficiently and constitutes an indispensable decisive competitive advantage. The usability laboratory at UAS Technikum Wien supports research and teaching as well as commercial projects and platforms for the purposes of improving users’ experiences with products on a lasting basis.

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User testing

How users experience products and systems is specifically assessed at the laboratory and in actual working environments. Users test products in a variety of scenarios while being very closely and comprehensively observed. To this end, network cameras that can be panned by 360° and zoomed as well as key-loggers are available for logging user inputs. It is also possible on request to record sound and images as well as the test systems’ screens.



Tracking users’ eyes provides detailed information about usability problems and the effectiveness of individual elements. Both stationary and mobile eye-tracking systems are available to this end. The usability laboratory at UAS Technikum Wien possesses a total of four state-of-the-art eye trackers to support the testing of websites and applications through to mobile applications and industrial systems.

Usability engineering

Usability engineering

Our employees will accompany and implement usability methods from project start to acceptance to ensure user-oriented design. This work, for example, includes usage-context analyses and personas, card sorting and prototyping as well as expert reviews and usability tests. It is also possible, however, to book the modules either individually or in packages. We will also draw up expert reports on factors relating to ergonomics in accordance with ISO 9241.

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Web marketing

A web presence tailored to the target group may be significantly improved with the help of expert reviews and search-engine optimization. Visitor flow analyses, tracking of user behavior, key-wording and the steering of content indexing help enhance website rankings.

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