Department of Humanities


The Department of Humanities at UAS Technikum Wien occupies a unique position among Austria's universities of applied sciences in two respects: 

In terms of the number of employees and the courses offered, it is one of the largest institutes – despite the fact that it is at a technical institution of higher learning!

The institute has been breaking new, innovative ground since it was founded in 1994, following in the style of humanities departments at technical institutions of higher learning in the English-speaking countries.

Our objectives

The department offers customized obligatory seminars and exercises for all of the bachelor's degree programs and the large majority of master's degree programs at UAS Technikum Wien. We focus on offering English language skills at various advanced levels, but we also offer introductory courses in Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Spanish. In addition, we organize German courses for students from our partner universities around the world in cooperation with UAS Technikum Wien International.

Language skills as a factor for success

Making use of a language means being able to operate in various professional and private roles. The bachelor's degree program focuses on developing general language skills, starting from level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and developing students' competence in technical and business terminology relevant for their field of study.

Cultural studies emphasis

Intercultural, social and humanistic competencies also play a key role in communication. We combine these with linguistic and technical skills in our courses in order to demonstrate to students the many effects that their actions have. We offer a variety of cultural studies events for this purpose, ranging from ethics in the last few semesters of the bachelor's degree program to societal impact studies and the future of technology in the master's degree programs.