Department of Management, Business & Law


UAS Technikum Wien focuses on the "three-pillar model" to offer its students a technical, economic and linguistic/social education. In line with this principle, the Department of Management, Business and Law offers courses from the following fields:

  • General business administration (cost accounting, financial accounting)
  • Specialized business administration (business management, controlling, project and process management)
  • Innovation management
  • Quality management
  • Business law (public law, private law, European law)

All bachelor's degree students at UAS Technikum Wien learn about the fundamentals of cost accounting and the legal system. In addition, they gain competencies in business administration and in quality, project and process management. This allows graduates to understand entrepreneurial interrelationships. In this way, they can better assess how their activities can contribute to a company's success.

Innovation and Technology Management master's degree program

Depending on the focus of a bachelor's or master's degree program, special courses are offered beyond this basic education. The Innovation and Technology Management master's degree program, for which the Department of Management, Business and Law lends major support, provides in-depth knowledge about innovation management. Individual courses are held in English in coordination with the director of each degree program. 

In the field of research and development, the focus is on innovation management and on preparing and assessing the feasibility of technical and business challenges. The department cooperates with internal and external partners on various R&D projects.

In-depth management education

The Department of Management, Business and Law is an "interdisciplinary“ department that is responsible for offering courses in all degree programs. The department aims to provide all graduates with strong entrepreneurial qualifications.