Department of Renewable Energy


The Department of Renewable Energy performs research and consultancy projects in the future-oriented field of renewable energies. These projects ensure that instruction is offered in an international context and is based on current research results.           

Active collaboration in a variety of the International Energy Agency’s research groups and EU technology platforms, as well as close cooperation with China and Mongolia, ensures that the department is internationally positioned and remains connected to global research and development trends.

Within Austria, the department is closely connected to the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, which relies on UAS Technikum Wien’s advice in many fields related to renewable energy. But there are also close ties to the City of Vienna, the Austrian energy companies, societies and associations in the energy sector as well as to the business sector and to the partners of national energy research.

You can find an overview of the Department of Renewable Energy’s Austrian and international research networks here.

Instruction at the Department of Renewable Energy

Besides research activities, one of the main tasks of the departments at UAS Technikum Wien is to organize and hold courses. The courses are held by instructors on staff as well as by external instructors from the fields of business and industry and from other university institutions.

The constant exchange between instruction and practical expertise determines the exceptional quality of education at UAS Technikum Wien. Current research results are incorporated into instruction, which makes it possible to offer students and graduates an even higher level of qualifications.

The Department of Renewable Energy primarily implements its know-how in two study programs: the Urban Renewable Energy Technologies bachelor’s degree and the Renewable Urban Energy Systems master’s degree.

At present, research projects are being carried out on the following topics, among others:

  • Small wind power plants
  • Storage of electric energy
  • Photovoltaics
  • Smart grids
  • Building technologies
  • Assessment of sustainability of renewable energy technologies and systems

In addition, a smart grid laboratory is currently being set up to serve as a training lab for the UAS and other institutions.

Smart Grids Week Bregenz & Austrian Photovoltaics Conference

The Department of Renewable Energy is also entrusted with providing the scientific backing for two important events in the field of smart grids and photovoltaics:

  • Smart Grids Week 
  • Austrian Photovoltaics Conference