Department of Social Competence & Management Methods

Soft facts are hard facts

According to a survey of 500 internationally active companies in Europe performed by the European Business Programme, a network of five institutions of higher learning in Europe, social competence and management methods are the qualifications that will increase in importance in the future.

While companies tend to develop their employees' expert knowledge and technical specialization themselves, there is a need to develop key qualifications on an ongoing basis. These supposedly "soft" skills will play a decisive role in shaping the personality and experiences of future managers, because: "Soft facts are hard facts."

Technology + business + personality

These three key words describe the approach adopted at UAS Technikum Wien. This means that career skills are combined with and help to strengthen specialized technical expertise. The Department of Social Competence & Management Methods places an emphasis on two aspects of these competencies:

Social competence stands for

  • Acting in a socially acceptable way (sincerity, ability to passively deal with criticism, ability to handle roles)
  • Cooperation skills (respect for others, sensitivity, freedom from prejudices)
  • Making contact (establishing and stabilizing contact, expressing feelings and thoughts, ability to actively deal with criticism)
  • Persuasiveness (impressions made on others, charisma)
  • Ability to manage group processes (and make use of the skills of all those involved)

Management methods stand for

  • Collecting, structuring and processing information (professional)
  • Organization and management of tasks and activities (management)
  • Analyzing and solving problems (intellectual)
  • Presentations, leading negotiations, structuring group activities such as presentations (social)
  • Self-organization and time management (personal)