Gender Mainstreaming

Ensuring equal opportunities

The University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien wants to create the same conditions for both sexes so that they can realize their potential and develop their skills, and thus strives to ensure equal opportunities. The promotion of equal treatment and equal opportunities is embedded in the strategic target areas of UAS Technikum Wien. Our goal is for gender mainstreaming to be embraced at UAS Technikum Wien and to be recognized within the institution as well as by the outside world. This means that we will take the differences between men’s and women’s interests and needs into consideration.

In order to promote gender mainstreaming in the organization, a think tank for gender management was established in 2011. The team of the think tank for gender management is made up of employees from various fields of activity.

The following target areas are working on in project groups:

  • Equal treatment of women and men at all levels: a fair balance in management positions, in administrative staff, in faculty staff and in research and development staff
  • Empowerment: the promotion of female employees in the organization, and raising the proportion of women at all levels – in administration as well as in research and instruction
  • Compatibility: family-friendly working and studying possibilities
  • Gender-sensitive instruction and research: Use of language and didactics oriented towards equal treatment. Research and development that fully takes into account gender and diversity perspectives.
  • Increasing the share of female students in all phases – from those interested in the institution to graduates

UAS Technikum Wien regularly collects data for gender monitoring. Student-specific data and statistics for staff from gender perspectives are analyzed, interpreted and integrated in future spheres of action.