Managing Diversity

Society is becoming more diverse

Globalization, mobility and demographic changes are the main driving forces behind our present culture. Because of these factors, our society is becoming more diverse. As a result, the basic parameters and the requirements situation in the tertiary education sector are changing: The demand for part-time and specialized education is increasing, while the age spectrum and the previous knowledge of the students are getting broader. At the same time, the social backgrounds and the individual needs of students and instructors are becoming more diverse. There is an increasing variety of cultural backgrounds at the institution – also on account of the international exchange program.

Implications for engineering and industry

In addition to specialist technical knowledge, today’s graduates are expected to have a specialized education as well as interdisciplinary skills such as a business mindset, project management and a knowledge of foreign languages. At the same time, creativity, innovative aspirations and the constructive management of changes are also considered to be essential factors for success in regional, national and international collaborations. Furthermore, graduates who have appropriate social and intercultural skills as well as skills in proactive conflict management, and who implement these skills in a team to the benefit of a company, are in demand. In order for graduates of technical degree programs to successfully hold their own in the many different sectors of engineering and industry in the future as well, they therefore need to meet a wide range of requirements.

Managing diversity at UAS Technikum Wien

As Austria’s largest purely technical university of applied sciences, UAS Technikum Wien approaches the subject of a changing society and diversity among staff and students with openness and appreciation. Managing diversity is a strategic management approach which aims to create structural and social conditions that protect against discrimination, ensure equal opportunities and incorporate diversity as an added value. Due to this, everyone who works or studies at UAS Technikum Wien should be able to develop and apply their abilities and motivation – for the long-term benefit of all and for a long-term increase in the success of the institution and of its graduates.

With this in mind, UAS Technikum Wien carries out various projects, measures and activities: 

  • to deal with diversity in a respectful and inclusive manner
  • to prevent discrimination
  • to create a barrier-free environment
  • to promote equal opportunities, particularly regarding access to education and during the course of study
  • to develop and utilize potential
  • to expand gender-oriented and diversity-oriented instruction
  • to integrate gender and diversity in research
  • to raise the level of awareness and improve the skills of everyone who works or studies at the institution in matters regarding diversity and equal treatment
  • Study regarding the situation of working students with an immigrant background at the UAS Technikum Wien" 

As set down in the policy document, the UAS Technikum Wien takes measures to increase the proportion of graduates of different origins; this concerns students with an immigrant background in particular. In order to embark on a sensitive discussion of this topic on the one hand, and to ensure a scientific approach on the other hand, the UAS Technikum Wien, in collaboration with AK Wien (Chamber of Labour for Vienna), has carried out a study on the topic of "The situation of working students with an immigrant background at the UAS Technikum Wien"; the results were presented within the scope of a panel discussion.
Press release on the study (incl. download option)  

  • Diversity meets creativity

Within the scope of a competition, the participants of the elective course of "Creative Photography" have dealt with the "Technology - People - Diversity" field of topics. 

  • Presentation of code of conduct

The UAS Technikum Wien confirms its commitment to take responsible decisions and act accordingly: on March 18, the jointly developed code of conduct for students, collaborators and teaching staff was presented to the public.
"Code of conduct"

  • Audit hochschuleundfamilie

On March 12, 2014 the UAS Technikum Wien was awarded the "Audit hochschuleundfamilie" (university and family) certificate. Within the scope of the audit, the UAS will take targeted measures to increase its focus on the compatibility of working/studying and having a family.
News item "UAS Technikum Wien is a family-friendly university"

  • Diversity evaluation
    • To provide a starting point for the policy and implementation of diversity management, the UAS Technikum Wien carried out a comprehensive analysis of the prevailing diversity situation in the academic year of 2012/13. Based on the "dealing with diversity" project, this evaluation of the actual situation was aimed at the following objectives:  
    • Making the diversity of people and divisions visible
    • Analyzing the intersectionality of gender as well as ethnic/nationality topics with other areas/aspects
    • Pooling of available resources, identification of synergies, and development of ideas for topics and measures
    • Development of a diversity policy and of a gender & diversity structure combined with objectives and measures by 2017
  • Sensitization and increase of competences with respect to gender & diversity

The UAS Technikum Wien offers its employees, teaching staff and students various seminars and training events on gender & diversity topics.

  • Preparatory courses for potential students

​In order to provide potential students with better opportunities to embark on engineering studies and to achieve academic success during their studies, the UAS Technikum Wien offers various preparatory courses for potential students: 

  • Studying without "Matura" (general qualification for university entrance in Austria)
  • Warm-up courses
  • Preparatory course for women in cooperation with the AMS (labour market service) 
  • Exhibition of paintings at the UAS Technikum Wien

Within the scope of cooperation with the professional integration project, the UAS Technikum Wien was provided with artistic images and paintings. The proceeds from the sale of those paintings are used by to fund jobs and apprenticeships for handicapped persons.