Mission Diversity

Our society is becoming increasingly diverse, and both universities and companies are being increasingly called upon to deal with diversity in an inclusive manner. On the one hand, it is about creating equal opportunities, prevent discrimination of any kind, and to promote and harness diversity as potential and resource. On the other hand, there is an acute lack of experts, and women continue to be under-represented in technical fields.

Mission Diversity: close cooperation with business

UAS Technikum Wien is addressing these challenges, anchoring the issue of gender and diversity in its strategic alignment. The subject partnership “Mission Diversity” – a cooperation model between science and business – sees itself tasked to achieve this and to take action accordingly. Together with business and industrial companies, UAS Technikum Wien implements measures to promote diversity and equal opportunities during technical education and training programs, thereby making a responsible contribution to safeguarding the position of Austria as a hub of economic and industrial activity – all in aid of the idea that diversity means offering a range of perspective and harnessing synergies to create potential and added value for everyone involved.

We would like to thank our subject partners:

Berndorf Privatstiftung

“Austria is suffering from a lack of experts and technicians. This shortage can be reduced if people can be encouraged to embark on a technical career who would not do so without supporting measures. As part of our subject partnership with UAS Technikum Wien, we want to demonstrate in a fun way to children and youths how exciting technology is. Hopefully, this will give some of them the idea to undertake a technical course of study in the future.”

– Sonja Zimmermann, Member of the Management Board of Berndorf Private Foundation

Logo des FEEI

“There are currently nearly 3,200 students, 850 employees and instructors at UAS Technikum Wien. Diversity, as it is understood and practiced at our university, stands for dealing with the differences and commonalities between students, instructors and employees in a targeted fashion, with the aim of identifying potential and using this for growth, prosperity, and innovation.

It has always been important for us to get women interested in technical courses of study. The electrical and electronics industry is one that has been characterized by modern working conditions for many years. A survey conducted by the FEEI in 2012 showed that men and women are paid the same for the same work. However, the share of women in the industry is just 10 to 35 percent. The higher the rung on the career ladder, the fewer the women who can be found in these positions.

We must be always be aware of the fact that each individual person contributes to a larger finding, thanks to different genders, age, backgrounds and religions of people. “The value of a dialog depends, above all, on the diversity of competing opinions.” This statement by the philosopher and scientist Karl Raimund Popper is both a remit and a mission for an educational and research institution. It should be our aim to conduct and learn from a dialog characterized by diversity. Or, put another way: we want to harness diversity to promote an awareness for solving problems, innovation and creativity.”

– Dr. Lothar Roitner, Managing Director of FEEI – Association for the Electrical and Electronics Industries and Chairman of UAS Technikum Wien

Logo der Firma Kapsch

“Those who dare to look beyond their own nose know that differences means opportunities and that diversity is a model of success. Consequently, promoting diversity is both a societal and strategic concern for the Kapsch Group. 

On the one hand, it is very important to communicate the potential of diversity already in the course of the training – and this is where universities in particular play an important role in setting an example.  On the other hand, technology is omnipresent in our everyday lives. This is why diversity must be considered from the very beginning when developing new products and solutions.

In order to meet these requirements, it is necessary to anchor the concept of diversity in technical courses of study. In addition to this, further measures are required to overcome the difference between the importance of technology in everyday life and the interest of young people in a degree in MINT subjects. The “Mission Diversity” project of UAS Technikum Wien seems, in our view, to be an appropriate tool to encourage and promote diversity. Therefore we are happy to lend our support and hope it can be successfully implemented.”

–  Doz. (FH) Mag. Alf Netek, MA, CMO of Kapsch AG 


“UAS Technikum Wien is the largest purely technical university of applied science in Austria, and has long been occupied with the challenges and potential of diversity. It is particularly important to the university to get girls and women excited about technology in general and to pursue a technical degree – something which the university does with considerable conviction. A dedicated think tank for gender management has for some time been pursuing the objective of creating optimum framework conditions for female students at the UAS. 

The fact that UAS Technikum Wien has now set up a “Mission Diversity” program represents a valuable and worthwhile development in this direction. The university is a melting pot of diversity – one in eight of the over 3,000 students come from abroad. Five percent come from countries outside the EU. Diversity in all its facets – age, origin, gender, orientation – enables growth by making use of all available resources. It increases the chances of supporting previously untapped talent. It expands the scope of action beyond national borders, not least through multilingualism and interculturality.

Diversity management at the UAS creates a climate of acceptance which will foster a greater sense of social cohesion and an even more intense exchange of ideas between different groups. The aim must be to offer all students the best possible environment in which to study. Everyone will benefit from this: the UAS, the students, the employees and, ultimately, companies that will be able to recruit specialists from a larger pool of well-trained technicians.”

 – Mag. Thomas Faast, Managing Director of UFH Holding GmbH