University Didactics

Lehre FH Technikum Wien

Post-secondary instruction – diversity in didactics

Instructors today must take on various roles in education: Depending on the situation, they act as experts, "navigators of knowledge" or learning coaches.

This (also) depends on the material: Is it aimed at giving students facts and detailed knowledge, knowledge of how a topic fits into a broader context or the competence to make decisions and act?

Accordingly, there are various didactic methods for structuring courses:

  • Conventional 90-minute lectures
  • Blended learning (a mix of on-campus and distance study elements)
  • Seminar-based block courses in small groups
  • Training sessions aimed at teaching key qualifications
  • Projects, case studies, management games
  • Practice exercises and lab time
  • Group sessions moderated by the students themselves
  • Problem-based learning (PBL)
  • Self-organized learning
  • Hands-on training with industry-relevant computer systems

Instructors learn basic didactic knowledge and new teaching and research methods in many workshops.