Gender & Diversity

Murmeln FHTW

Promoting equal opportunities, utilizing potential

UAS Technikum Wien is a meeting place for many people: men and women of different ages, of different origins, nationalities and native languages; with a variety of social backgrounds, family compositions and commitments; with individual needs and opinions, capabilities, skills and potential.

As Austria’s largest purely technical university of applied sciences, not only does UAS Technikum Wien have an obligation towards society, industry and business to provide innovative and pioneering instruction, but it also needs to deal with the diversity of the people who work and study at the institution in a responsible manner and must make the resulting potential and opportunities available to all those involved.

For UAS Technikum Wien, “tapping the potential of gender and diversity” means utilizing the potential and synergies that result from this diversity in a targeted manner and implementing sustainable measures for equal treatment and equal opportunities. Consequently, UAS Technikum Wien makes the organization and its staff sensitive to issues regarding equal treatment and equal opportunities, while gender and diversity are sustainably integrated into instruction and research. In addition, the linking of diversity with technical, business and personal development contents – see our mission statement – is regarded as an important factor for opening up future opportunities for students and instructors as well as industry and engineering based on the current changes.

Getting women interested in engineering

For women, excellent career opportunities are opening up in exciting fields in industry and engineering – although they are still in the minority in technically oriented degree programs. At the same time, society is becoming more and more diverse, and the tertiary education sector is faced with new demands.

UAS Technikum Wien is striving to combat this phenomenon: Various measures are aimed at getting females interested in engineering and science at an early age and at increasing the percentage of female students in all degree programs. The projects and measures regarding the promotion of women that are implemented consistently support and promote females in their studies and also in the organization.

Diversity in teaching and learning

In order to derive the greatest possible benefit for students and instructors, everyone who works or studies at the university of applied sciences needs to think about diversity learning intensively. For this reason, UAS Technikum Wien integrates gender and diversity aspects in the contents and processes of instruction and learning.

Since diversity is viewed as an enrichment, gender and diversity oriented methodology and didactics are strived for. A variety of measures and methods not only ensures equal opportunities, but also promotes students’ potential. Theoretical gender and diversity knowledge is imparted, and the attitudes and opinions of the people involved in this process are sensitized, while they are encouraged to reflect on these issues. Finally, all these aspects are integrated at an operational level – by means of gender and diversity oriented methodology and didactics.