Business Informatics distance study degree program: Bachelor's and Master's degree at UAS Technikum Wien

Lernen an der FH Technikum Wien

In the Business Informatics distance degree program online phases lasting several weeks are combined with short, concise phases on site, offering temporal and local flexibility as required by working students:

➸ pursuing their studies, no matter where or when

➸ high degree of flexibility

➸ e-learning – online, interactive, providing personal support

➸ self-responsible, individual and international learning

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Distance study program for Bachelor's degree in Business Informatics

The Bachelor's degree program covers numerous subjects that represent a specific combination of know-how in computer science, business and management. The curriculum includes both current information and communication technologies and their economic implications as well as the planning and implementation of these. 

BSc-level distance study program

Master of Science in Engineering

Distance study program for Master's degree in Information Systems Management

The Master's degree program puts a special focus on up-to-date management of information systems. This applies to current operation as well as the introduction, planning and implementation of IT systems. This program addresses graduates of the Business Informatics Bachelor's degree program as well as engineering programs at other UASs and universities. 

MSc-level distance study program


Interview: degree program offering good job opportunities

The Business Informatics Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs have been producing successful specialists and managers for a wide range of industries for many years. An interview with Florian Eckkrammer, deputy program director/Bachelor, and Christine Docsek, assistant program manager and editor.