Business Informatics: career prospects for graduates

Graduates of this degree program have a solid education in an interdisciplinary field combining technology, business, and management. There is a tremendous demand for business informatics specialists on the job market in a wide array of industries. Graduates of the Business Informatics degree program therefore have a diverse range of career prospects. They work at IT service companies and in management consulting, in the financial services sector, and in auditing firms as well as in industry, healthcare, or government service.

What jobs and functions do graduates perform?

  • System consultant
  • System designer
  • Business analyst
  • IT architect
  • IT coordinator
  • System architect
  • Business informatics specialist
  • Developer
  • Project manager
  • Project coordinator

What are some of their typical tasks and activities?

  • Analyzing, planning, developing, implementing, introducing, organizing, and refining operational information and communication systems
  • Assessing, comparing, developing, and implementing application software in a global operational environment
  • Sale and distribution of hardware and software for operational information and communication systems (solutions for enterprise resource planning [ERP], customer relationship management [CRM], business integration broker suites, multi-project management, data warehousing, etc.)
  • Holistic project management during the implementation of IT-heavy projects taking business-related and company-specific aspects into consideration
  • Technical project management
  • Systems engineering and systematic analysis for widespread company networks and communication structures
  • Planning, designing, and implementing IT systems and strategies
  • Identifying and surveying requirements for software systems
  • Identifying, modeling, and optimizing business processes, procedures, and company practices
  • Identifying and assessing inefficiencies, and recommending optimal system functions
  • Developing specifications for software systems