Integrated work/study degree program Computer Science: FAQs

When does the course begin?

The start date is October 2, 2017.

Can I still apply? 

Applications are now being accepted for the next academic year (course will start in the winter semester of 2018).

How does the admissions process work?

1 Submit an application to one or more companies AND to the UAS Technikum Wien (you can do this at any time via our homepage).
2 Upload your documents to the UAS application tool.
3 Once your documents have been checked, you will be invited to take the placement test at the UAS (or your points will be transferred across if you have already taken it) and to attend an interview.
4 You will be invited to visit the company (may include a test/interview).
5 To secure your place on the integrated work/study degree program, you must be accepted by a company first and then achieve a satisfactory result in the placement test.
6 You will receive an e-mail telling you whether your application has been accepted/rejected or whether you have been put on the waiting list.
7 You must sign the learning agreement with UAS & a contract with the partner company.

How is the time split between studying at the UAS and gaining practical experience at the company?

During “normal” semester periods, the idea is that you should switch between theory (classes/lectures at the UAS) and practice (your work placement) approximately once every two weeks. The current timetable looks roughly like this:



Is there also an integrated work/study program at master’s level?

Give us a chance to establish the bachelor program before we start thinking about that!

Do I have to choose a company myself or will one be assigned to me?

No companies are assigned. Applicants choose a partner from the list and then submit their own individual application to the company.

What are the advantages of an integrated work/study degree program?

The main one is the strong practical element of the course. In addition, students gain relevant professional experience, which is bound to have a positive impact on their careers. Also, let's not forget about the income that students earn during their studies and the fact that the company is the perfect match for the material covered by their course.

Are there any disadvantages of an integrated work/study degree program?

When viewed objectively, there are no disadvantages.

How many places are there in total on the integrated work/study degree program in Computer Studies?

The course intake is 30 students. The number of students accepted by our partner companies varies from one to another.

Is any prior knowledge required?

The UAS Technikum Wien does not demand any prior knowledge. However, you must achieve a good result in the placement test in order to be accepted. The admission requirements are the same as for all other study programs at the UAS Technikum Wien.

The acceptance criteria used by the partner companies may vary.

What is the exact role of the companies? For instance, do they also have an “educational mandate” and are they jointly responsible for teaching course content at a practical level? Or is it more a question of students simply working at the company with a view to acquiring professional experience related to their studies?

Part of the course is delivered at the company, by which we mean that teaching sessions are outsourced to it.

Areas of specialization are covered according to the company's main focus.

What would happen if – for whatever reason – the employment contract with the company were to end?

In that case, the requirements for participating in the integrated work/study degree program would no longer be met. It might be possible to find another company at short notice.

Of course, in principle, it would also be possible to switch to a different study program.

Students are not really supposed to change companies during the course.

Is the work at the company paid and is insurance cover in place?

Yes, it is a standard (part-time) employment contract, which means that pay and insurance cover are included.

How do I find out which partner companies still have “vacancies”?

If a partner company has stopped taking on students for the semester, we will publish this information online on the homepage.

Is it possible to skip semesters and join at a more advanced stage?

No, students cannot join in the 3rd semester.

Is it possible to spend a semester studying abroad?

There is no problem with this as far as the UAS Technikum Wien is concerned provided that it is agreed with the partner company.

Is a particular type of notebook computer required?

A notebook computer would definitely be beneficial but we do not specify a particular type.

Where can I get information about the companies?

All our partner companies are listed and briefly described on the homepage. However, you are also welcome to attend our company fair in October or our open days in March to find out more.

Is it also possible to work at other companies?

Only the companies that are actually listed as partner companies can act as employers for the integrated work/study degree program. However, any company that is interested in becoming a partner is welcome to get in touch with the UAS Technikum Wien.

Can credit be awarded for prior learning?

As with all UAS study programs, credit for prior learning may also be awarded in this case. The Program Director has responsibility for making this decision.