Computer Science degree program at UAS Technikum Wien

What will I learn in this degree program?

In the Computer Science bachelor’s degree program, students learn the practical and theoretical principles in all of the important subareas of computer science. Work on software projects gives students the ability to think in a customer-oriented manner and allows them to establish important contacts to companies already during their studies. They learn to:

  • Analyze complex IT interrelationships
  • Successfully apply the latest information technologies
  • Consider these technologies in the context of basic business-related, technical, and legal knowledge
  • Plan and develop software systems
  • Independently analyze and implement projects
  • Identify customer requirements and transfer them into models
  • Present IT processes to customers in an understandable manner
  • Take computer security into consideration in their work in the IT environment
  • To develop and evaluate graphical user interfaces based on usability aspects

What will I be able to do in the field after earning this degree?

Graduates have a broad knowledge of information and communication technologies. After completing the Computer Science degree program, they are able to apply the latest methods in information technology, recognize industry-relevant economic interrelationships, and utilize holistic approaches. The emphases offered in the program allow graduates to gain specialized skills and knowledge. They are able to:

  • Plan and develop computer games
  • Program mobile apps for various platforms
  • Develop web and cloud applications
  • Plan and utilize medical software systems
  • Plan and conduct usability tests and eye-tracking studies  

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What are the admission requirements?

  • You must have one of the following to apply for the Computer Science bachelor’s degree program:
  • Matriculation exam (HTL, AHS, or BHS Matura)
  • Vocational matriculation exam
  • University entrance qualification exam in a relevant field
  • Relevant vocational training with additional qualification (an entrance exam or qualification exam at UAS Technikum Wien)

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What advanced programs does UAS Technikum Wien offer?

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