Computer Science: career prospects for graduates

Graduates of the Computer Science bachelor’s degree program have a combination of broadly based IT expertise, in-depth knowledge of one of several offered emphases, business knowledge, and project and management know-how. This combination is in high demand on the job market. Well-known corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises are always looking for such well-educated specialists. As a result, computer scientists have very good job prospects in a wide range of fields.

After completing the degree program, computer scientists work in the software and game industry, in the IT and information service sector, in the wholesale and retail information and communication technology (ICT) sector, and in IT departments at companies of all sizes operating in every industry.

What jobs and functions do computer scientists perform? 

Software engineer

Application developer, software architect, software developer, test engineer, database developer, data warehouse manager, eBusiness developer, web developer, developer of multimedia applications in the entertainment industry, developer of computer games and game engines, 2D or 3D animation, lead developer at computer game companies, software usability testing, user interface design in usability labs, cloud and mobile application design

System and network administrator

System engineer, system administrator, network planner, network engineer, network administrator, security architect, IT support

Information manager

Database model architect, database administration, information architect, content management and CRM system designer, information and knowledge engineer, eBusiness manager, EPR system management, business intelligence engineer, creation of multimedia content and software for eLearning platforms, web sites, advertising, and computer games

Project manager

Project or subproject manager for IT projects, technical sales and distribution, support department manager, IT quality manager

IT consultant

IT trainer in industry and trade

IT sales and distribution

IT customer representative, IT product specialist

Independent employment

Typically as a freelancer