Information and Communication Systems and Services: career prospects for graduates

As a result of the prevalence of information and communication technologies in virtually all economic sectors, there are diverse career opportunities available to ICT experts, both in the ICT production sector, often called the core ICT sector, and in ICT application sectors. 

What core ICT sectors employ graduates?

  • ICT production
  • ICT services
  • ICT content

ICT application industries that offer many opportunities for ICT work include:

  • Private and public services (eService, eGovernment)
  • Interest groups and commerce (eCommerce)
  • Banking and insurance (eBanking, eService)
  • Healthcare, both in administration and medical technology
  • Infotainment, eLearning

Industries with a growing number of opportunities for ICT work include:

  • Traffic engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy and construction

What jobs and functions do graduates perform?

  • IT system architect
  • Software developer
  • Database developer
  • System integrator
  • Information manager
  • IT security expert
  • System administrator
  • Network administrator
  • Information service designer
  • IT consultant
  • Technical IT project manager

What are some of their typical tasks and activities?

  • Analyzing requirements
  • Preparing specifications
  • Advising customers regarding requirements and specifications
  • Selecting and determining system architectures 
  • Selecting and adapting hardware/software components
  • Developing software components
  • Testing components and putting them into service
  • Conducting system integration
  • System testing
  • Creating documentation, operating documents, and training documents
  • Acceptance testing at customers’ premises