Field report by Franziska Hoell – Double Degree Program at Mid Sweden University

My wish to participate in the double degree program with Mid Sweden University in Östersund was already considerable with the decision to follow the Master’s degree program in “Sports Technology” in Vienna. My interest in a scientific working day at a university, the Scandinavian lifestyle and the fascinating nature were some of the reasons why I wanted to participate in the double degree program. I am all the more pleased that I can now fulfill this very wish.

The biggest difference between everyday life at UAS Technikum Wien and the everyday life at Mid Sweden University was immediately noticeable on the first day at the university: we got an office together with three other Master’s students, where we can work on our Master’s topics in an undisturbed and concentrated way. It feels more like I’m an intern in a company, as the daily routine is usually such that we spend an average of seven hours at university working on our Master’s topics.

I am working on the development of a measuring setup and measuring system which will make it possible to measure the sliding friction between a cross-country ski and the snow in the field. In addition to the office, I can make use of all the laboratories, work rooms and workshops, including the tools and electronics of the Sports Tech Research Centre, to deal with and put together my thesis. You can also get support from the employees of the research institute if you are unable to make progress or if you have any questions.

However, physical activity is definitely part of everyday life for me to remain in balance. There are plenty of opportunities for this in Östersund and the surrounding area. Fans of the outdoors are able to fulfill nearly every wish they have here. The cross-country ski runs start almost directly behind the house, ice rinks for ice skating and ice hockey games can be found in several different places in the city and the next slope for alpine skiing or snowboarding is nearby. There is also an attractive and varied range of sports on offer at the university. In summer, the beautiful natural surroundings invite you to go hiking, cycling, etc. outside. You can also connect with the locals quite quickly and immerse yourself even deeper in the relaxed pace of Swedish life. In addition to sports, there are also excursions organized by students and the traditional monthly “dinner party”. There is also enough room for social life at the camp site, where most international students and also a few Swedish students live.

I can really say that this decision to participate in the double degree program and study in Östersund was definitely the right one for me. I certainly would not want to have missed out on living in the far reaches of the north.

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