Semester Abroad

  • Do you want to spend one or two semesters abroad at one of our partner universities or do a work placement abroad?
  • Are you interested in strengthening your confidence for your future professional life in a multi-cultural environment?
  • Do you want to broaden your horizon and to further develop your inter-cultural and social competences?
  • Or want to be a part of an international network and make new contacts all around the world?

The Center for International Relations supports you when it comes to planning and preparing your studies abroad:

  • Obtain initial information about the possibilities for studying abroad
  • Assistance when it comes to funding possibilities
  • Administrative organization of your stay abroad
  • Assessment of the experience for future Outgoings

For a stay abroad, you have the following options:

  • Semester Abroad (Exchange)
  • Practical Training Abroad (Internship)
  • Summer School
  • Double Degree

Please refer to the Partner Universities of the UAS Technikum Wien, theircourses offered and the application dates and deadlines. You will find all our Partner Universities and details regarding the procedure in the section Partner Universities of the UAS Technikum Wien. 

Please check with your degree program director BEFOREHAND if the courses you want to attend abroad will be recognized ("Anrechnung") for your curriculum here at UAS Technikum Wien when you get back – keyword: Learning Agreement!

If you have any further questions, please contact our Outgoing Coordinator, Ms Claudia Randles. 

A double degree is a degree of two higher institutions that allows students of both partner universities (home and host institution) to gain international experience while at the same time producing a second degree. In a double degree program, the precise procedure of the studies and the reciprocal recognition of lectures are contractually stipulated.

The UAS Technikum Wien currently offers the following four programs:

Further information to each Double Degree will be provided at the degree program respectively. 

Summer schools are offered for shorter periods abroad during the summer months. If a semester abroad is not possible for you – for example due to your work situation – summer schools in the various countries offer the possibility to gain valuable experience abroad.

The UAS Technikum Wien offers these summer schools and constantly updates the offers on the CIS platform (Internationalization > Outgoings > Summer Schools). The application deadlines comply with the individual announcements. 

Students in a Bachelor’s degree program at UAS Technikum Wien must complete an internship in the sixth semester of their program. These internships can also be completed in a foreign country. The EU's LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME for the promotion of academic and professional education and training offers assistance for students who are interested in completing an internship abroad in the EU, the EEA or the associated states.

You can do your traineeship abroad at a foreign company or at one of our partner universities. You will find our partner institutions in the section Partner Universities of the UAS Technikum Wien. When it comes to working at a foreign firm, please consult with your degree program director.
Possibilities for EU-funded internships abroad: The National Agency for Lifelong Learning offers Erasmus grants for students who wish to do an internship abroad. Requirements for such assistance include the participation in an internship that is relevant to the student's course of study. Students must arrange the internship themselves in a timely manner. Internships at Austrian diplomatic entities and at EU-funded projects do not apply for such assistance.

University places for students are available at post-secondary institutions that have signed an agreement with UAS Technikum Wien. Generally, the accreditation standards set by the ECTS system apply. 

  • European destinations: mobility programs such as ERASMUS+ or CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Program for University Studies)
  • Outside of Europe: choose partner institutions at one of UAS Technikum Wien’s partner institutions worldwide, eg. in Argentina, China or the US 

Students who do not want to take advantage of any of the possibilities for studying abroad described above can plan and organize their study abroad themselves as a "free mover." This includes:

  • applying for a study place at an institution (which usually involves paying tuition fees) with the help of the Center for International Relations
  • obtaining information about the degree programs and courses offered and for registering at the host institution themselves

The Marshall Plan Scholarship Program (MPS) is a study program that encourages and supports the scientific exchange of Austrian students in the US.


Students of the UAS Technikum Wien have the possibility to do an at least three-months study visit at a higher institution in the US. Scholarships range from €3 000 to €10 000, depending on

·         Undergraduate/Graduate Level

·         Duration of Stay

·         Scientific Work (Paper has to be handed in at the end of the study visit)


The application period for your exchange during the following winter term is March/April and for the following summer term mid-November.   


The following criteria have to apply:

  • Regular Student at UAS Technikum Wien
  • Austrian residency
  • At least three months in the US (Confirmation of host institution)
  • Academic success
  • English competency

Need more information? Visit the Website or browse through the Guide for Applications (.pdf).

You meet the criteria and are interested in applying? Please send a mail to