International Office

We build multi-national bridges.
We think and act on a global scale.
We promote trans-cultural competences in Technology.
We connect people.
We create value and deliver benefits.

What we do

The Center for International Relations promotes the internationalization at the UAS Technikum Wien and is responsible for the professional implementation and communication of all related activities and measures both internally and externally on the basis of high quality objectives. The CIR raises awareness and provides know-how for all target groups and various forms of mobility when it comes to trans-culturalism.

How we do it

Our work for the enterprise and its people is professional, skilled and responsible-minded. We are guided by the present national and international trends of the educational sector (Keyword: Bologna), consider modifications to that effect as chances and see people with their inter-cultural and individual strengths. 

Why we do it

We firmly believe that trans-cultural competences, international experiences and the knowledge of foreign language skills as well as the care of high-quality international partnerships are key components when it comes to being successful as a Higher Institution in a national and international work environment.

The Center for International Relations promotes the internationalization of the UAS Technikum Wien and is responsible for the following scope of functions:

  • Service Unit: service unit and information hub for Internationalization; support when it comes tostudying abroad and internships; procurement of grants and comprehensive assistance of exchange students as well as staff
  • Strategy: supervision and implementation of the UAS-wide internationalization strategy in coordination with the university administration and the international board
  • Mobility: processing of mobility programs as well as organizing and administrating all mobilities of students, lecturers and staff; possibilities for funding; coordination of summer schools
  • Bologna Process: integration of the Bologna process
  • Collaborations and International Relations: expansion, consolidation and maintenance of international partnerships and networks in collaboration with the international board and the study programs
  • International Study Programs: collaboration with the study centers and study programs when it comes to the expansion and quality assurance of Double/Multiple/Joint degree programs
  • Equality Requests: foreign qualifications are verified and recognized for foreign students interested in studying at the UAS Technikum Wien as regular students
  • Internationalization at Home: definition, realization and evaluation of measures and activities of an internationalization at home, in particular the organization and administration of the courses offered with international guest lecturers in English on the basis of learning outcomes (Campus International)    
  • Summer Schools: Coordination of Summer Schools
  • Communications: communication when it comes to the internal and external internationalization
  • Financing: acquisition of third-party funding
  • Diversity and Welcoming Culture: Organization of all measures and activities related to Diversity, working and studying with special needs and guidance to that effect as well as the implementation of a welcoming culture