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International Teaching Certificate

Within the framework of internationalisation at the FH Technikum Wien, more courses are to be held in English in the future. Among other things, this measure is intended to broaden the range of subjects offered to incoming students.

The following two workshop parts support lecturers in converting their courses to English and provide the necessary tools to successfully work together with students from different cultural backgrounds.

Lecturers who complete "The Intercultural Classroom" and "The English Classroom" and subsequently hold at least one course in English can apply for the "International Teaching Certificate" of the FH Technikum Wien.

International Teaching CertificateInternational Teaching CertificateInternational Teaching Certificate

"The Intercultural Classroom" - theory and practice

Students increasingly bring a wide variety of cultural backgrounds into the classroom. However, many "intercultural" situations in teaching are often not even perceived as such; others, on the other hand, sometimes push lecturers to their limits and sometimes even exceed them.

Even basic intercultural skills can help to avoid misunderstandings and difficulties in communicating with students.

Based on theoretical foundations and relevant experience, participants in this part of the workshop can develop and apply strategies and practical tools for dealing productively with intercultural differences in the lecture hall.

Coach: Mag. Nicolai Sawczynski, MAS
Dates: are offered every semester as part of the internal continuing education program
Target group: Lecturers


"The English Classroom" - theory and practice

The workshop consists of three modules:

Module 1: Theory

In this workshop part the theory of the English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) classroom is discussed along with strategies for transitioning from the German to the English classroom. Participants are made aware of how teaching EMI differs from teaching in their own language and that the EMI classroom is much more than simply translating the slides.

Module 2: Presentation in the small group

The participants have the opportunity to present a teaching unit in English (presentation in small groups). The feedback of the colleagues shows first linguistic optimization potentials. In addition, the participants receive detailed feedback from the coach in a 1:1 discussion.

Module 3: 4 LE, which must be held in English. Once these lessons have been held, a written self-reflection on the lecturers own EMI classroom is required.

Coach: Mark Adams, M.A.
Dates: are offered each semester as part of the internal professional development program. Consists of a theoretical part and individually arranged appointments
Target group: Lecturers


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