Internationalisation at UAS Technikum Wien

The University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien sees itself as an internationally oriented university that promotes the intercultural competence of its students and staff. In this context, the UAS Technikum Wien continuously supports projects that are intended to advance internationalisation.

What is the benefit of internationalisation at a technical university?

The international orientation of a technical university is of great importance insofar as it creates the prerequisites for keeping up with the times, especially in times of technological change and digitalisation. This ensures that the university not only remains attractive for domestic lecturers and students, but also has an excellent international reputation.

What are the benefits of internationalisation for teaching?

The internationalisation of teaching creates a structural and curricular framework to enable students at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien to acquire intercultural, international and foreign language skills.

What does "Internationalisation @ home" mean in this context?

Curricular Inclusion of international content and courses as well as all activities to achieve intercultural competence for students who cannot complete a stay abroad for various reasons such as compatibility between work and study, impairment or other challenges. Internationalisation @ Home thus reaches the entire university landscape.

What are the benefits of internationalisation for students?

International and intercultural competences, experience abroad and foreign language skills are no longer just key qualifications in an international environment, but are also more in demand than ever on the domestic job market. Internationalisation ensures, among other things, the competitiveness of graduates of the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien on the domestic and international labour market.

Why should internationalisation measures take place at a technical university?

Digitalisation and global technological change call for experts, especially in the technical field, who can think and act in international contexts. It is therefore the responsibility and task of a technical university to prepare all its students for the national and international labour market in the best possible way.