ESN & Buddy-Programm

Become a mentor!

Buddy-ProgrammIn the Buddy Program of the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien

  • Are you interested in intercultural encounters during your studies?
  • Would you like to help students from abroad to get started in their everyday studies?
  • Do you like to make contacts in an international network?

The idea is simple: All guest students are assigned an experienced student, a so-called buddy. A buddy serves as the first point of contact and offers support with questions about everyday life and studies.

A buddy partnership brings advantages for all involved: The newcomers receive personal support when entering student life in a city that is foreign to them, while students at UAS Technikum Wien broaden their horizons and establish international contacts. Experience shows that a Buddy partnership is often the beginning of a long international friendship.

As a Buddy you will take on the following honorary tasks:

  • You are the contact person for our incoming students in all questions concerning student life in Vienna.
  • You have an open ear for the worries and needs of our incoming students.
  • You organize regular personal meetings during the semester with common activities (cinema, sports, culture, etc.).


Of course, you will also be invited by the International Office to the Welcome Event and Farewell Event of the Incoming Students.

Are you ready for an exciting semester with international fellow students? Once a semester you will receive a call for interested students. Or apply now for the coming semester here.


Your activity as a Buddy will be credited to the Intercultural Skills Certificate.



ESN Technikum Wien is a local organisational unit of the largest student organisation in Europe, the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). The aim of this network is to support exchange students during their stay in the sense of the vision ("enrichment of society through international students") and to build bridges for exchange students in order to integrate them more easily into everyday life and to provide them with a cultural understanding of Austrian society.

The ESN Technikum Wien section currently consists of 12 national and international students who are not only interested in intercultural exchange and travel, but who also like to represent Vienna as an educational location in Austria.

Most members of ESN have already completed a semester abroad themselves and are therefore aware of the challenges that exchange students in another country have to face, who also find a new everyday university life there.

ESN Technikum Wien is a part of ESN Vienna, an association of several ESN organisational units of six universities in Vienna, which together shape the process of internationalisation and network internationally.



Welcome Weeks

The first few days are the most formative for incoming students, as they still have to find their way in the new environment. For this reason, ESN Technikum Wien organises the so-called "Welcome Weeks" at the beginning of each semester as part of the Orientation Week, which is organised by the UAS Technikum Wien.

During these two weeks the ESN Technikum Wien offers various activities such as a Welcome Day, a City Tour, a visit to the Vienna Prater and a Welcome Party.


During the semester, the ESN Technikum Wien organizes various events for exchange students, such as museum visits, sports events, karaoke, pub quizzes, BBQs, parties, etc., in order to enable a broader variety of leisure activities for incoming students.

Field Trips

Austria plays an important cultural role in the history of Europe, which is why the ESN Technikum Wien also organises various field trips during the semester to familiarise incoming students with the most important places in the country. Examples are field trips to Hallstatt, Salzburg, Graz, Riegersburg, but also capital field trips to our neighbouring countries such as Prague, Budapest or Munich, which are a fixed part of every semester.



Would you like to get in touch with international students? Then join ESN! At ESN you not only have the opportunity to make international friends, but also to improve your soft skills such as networking, communication, organization and time management. You will also have the opportunity to refresh your English skills. If we have aroused your interest, then simply contact ESN or visit one of ESN's events!

TIP: Your activities in the ESN Technikum Wien network can also be credited for the Intercultural Skills Certificate of the UAS Technikum Wien.






You can find more information about ESN Technikum Wien on their homepage and on Facebook.