IoCEST - Internationalisation of the Curricula in Engineering, Environmental, Smart Cities and Sport Technologies

IoCEST („Internationalization of the Curricula in Engineering, Environmental, Smart Cities and Sport Technologies“) is a project dedicated to establishing structural and curricular frameworks in the context of internationalization of teaching/teacher training/didactics. Its aim is to provide all students at FH Technikum with the opportunity to obtain a variety of intercultural and international competencies which serve as beneficial and profitable key skills for the national and international employment markets.

Despite the fact that internationalization works as a strategic and defining factor at FH Technikum, only a number of students is able to profit from the ideal parameters of its diverse programs, which is, in part, due to the diversity of the student body. In order to fulfill our role as an institution of higher education, to meet economic as well as societal expectations, and to prepare all students for the job market to the best of our abilities, this project pursues three main objectives: First, IoCEST is invested in internationalizing the curricula of 13 selected degree programs at FH Technikum in order to embed the acquisition of key competencies and skills within the respective courses.

The formulation/verbalization of “international learning outcomes” forms the basis of this objective; within this frame, measures with the regard to the internationalization of the respective programs can be taken. In collaboration with 9 strategic international partner institutions, this project seeks to create synergies within the frame of FH Technikum’s curricula as well as student and staff mobility in order to support and foster research cooperation and carve out the additional benefits of teamwork for all involved parties. Second, the project intends to develop and implement a “Certificate for Cross-Cultural Competences for Engineers.” In the context of program modules, all students at FH Technikum will be given the extracurricular opportunity to obtain this intercultural certificate and thereby make their international and intercultural skills visible and marketable. The third objective concerns the development and realization of a study module in the context of “Industrial Engineering.”

This program, which uses English as its medium of instruction, comprises courses in the fields of mechanical engineering, renewable energy, smart cities, mechatronics, sports technologies, as well as gender and diversity, and is mainly offered to incoming international students. This module will be interconnected with the “Certificate for Engineers” and thereby made available to all students as a type of “internationalization at home.” IoCEST is predicated on the diversity of the study body and is set on joining internationalization with the unique qualities of the individual subject disciplines. In this way, students devoted to technical modules and programs receive optimal preparation for the national and international employment markets.  FH Technikum’s international orientation as well as its investment in domains such as Industry 4.0, Renewable Energies, Smart Cities, and Sport Technologies innervate its status as a high-value, forward-looking tertiary institution, both in Vienna and on an international level. On a larger scale, FH Technikum strengthens Vienna as a business and industry site in this way.


September, 2017 to August, 2020


Stadt Wien


Social Competence & Management Methods


Thomas Wala

FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Thomas Wala, MBA

Head of Competence Center Management, Business & Law
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Florian Ellinger UAS Technikum Wien

Mag. Florian Ellinger

Coordinator Incoming Students
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International Coordinator Faculty of Industrial Engineering

tabakovic momir

Ing. Momir Tabakovic, PhD. MSc

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Stefan Litzenberger FHTW

DI (FH) Stefan Litzenberger, MSc

Program Director
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Harald Wahl

FH-Prof. DI Dr.techn. Harald Wahl

Program Director
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Nicolai sawczynski

Mag. Nicolai Sawczynski, MAS

Head of Competence Center
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Nicole Sagmeister

Nicole Sagmeister, MA

Head of Gender & Diversity
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