Data Science: Master’s program at the UAS Technikum Wien

Our new Master’s program provides analysts with the skills to work with the information society’s most valuable resource.

Master Data Science

Data science is a young but clearly established field where the demand for qualified professionals is high. The interdisciplinary role that data scientists play requires a multifaceted degree program. Data analysis is not an end in itself but must always be viewed in relation to a company’s or organization’s tasks and goals. Those graduating from the program, which starts in the 2020 winter semester, will be able to put their skills to good use by supporting the decision-making processes across all its phases.

“Both businesses and society alike need new data professionals who are able to draw on training across disciplines.”

– David Meyer, Program Director –


Students will learn:

  • how to carry out the complete data collection process in accordance with the current state of the art, e.g. for textual data, image and video data and sensor data.
  • how to prepare and model these data for analysis.
  • how to perform analyses while taking aspects relating to ethics, data protection, infrastructure and business into account.
  • how to compare, choose and apply relevant analysis methods, procedures and algorithms.
  • how to communicate the results from analyses in a manner that is appropriate for the target group and to incorporate these results into business operations.
  • to plan, implement and successfully manage data-science projects for the purposes of value creation while taking company requirements into account.
  • how to define requirements and goals for data-science projects.
  • how to interface where the planning and implementation of data-science projects in conjunction with specialist and IT departments are concerned.
  • how to communicate with technical and non-technical experts during the design and implementation phases of data-science projects and to present ideas and implementation proposals.


Career prospects and opportunities

These professional skills are extremely highly sought after and this master’s program has been designed to meet the demand for data professionals on the employment market. Employment opportunities are available in all areas of the economy and administration; the success that data science is currently enjoying is due to the demand for state-of-the-art analytical skills in an exponentially growing information society. Data-science specialists will replace previous occupational profiles with lower qualifications, while, at the same time, they will open up their own fields in the employment market. Graduates will find employment e.g. as data scientists, analytical consultants and data engineers – either in-house or for clients.


Target group

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