Master’s program in AI Engineering

The existing Master’s program in Game Engineering and Simulation is being expanded into a Master’s program in AI Engineering, subject to approval by AQ Austria.

The curriculum, which until now revolved around the gaming sector, will be focusing more on artificial intelligence as a topic that will become increasingly important in the future. The previous course in game engineering will, however, remain available as an area of specialization.

Artificial intelligence is key to digitalization. People are today already being addressed by intelligent bots on the World Wide Web, are playing against smart computer opponents and are having their lawn cut by small devices that think for themselves. A broad range of applications is in sight for the future. A survey by UAS Technikum Wien has shown that the demand for experts in artificial intelligence on the job market is also expected to experience rapid growth.

AI Engineering

Students will be able to choose between one of two areas of specialization:

  • AI Engineering
  • Game Engineering


Graduates will design, implement and integrate AI-based systems and AI algorithms using the most up-to-date concepts, technologies, programming languages and tools. Machine learning, visual computing and mixed reality, interactive AI, processing of speech and multimedia data or the intelligent control of virtual characters are just some of the fields they will be tackling. Design and development of support systems, simulation applications or computer games are just a few examples of the fields in which AI engineers operate. Graduates are in demand practically across all industries, for instance as high-quality software engineers, game developers, DevOps engineers and smart systems engineers.

The program will commence in its new form in the winter semester of 2021, applications are already possible.

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