Double Degree Program

The Double Degree Program of the Master's degree program Sports Technology offers students the opportunity to obtain both the degree of the UAS Technikum Wien as "Master of Science in Engineering" and the degree of Mid Sweden University (Östersund, Sweden) as "Master of Science".

During the first and the second semester, students attend the courses of the master's degree program in Sports Technology at the UAS Technikum Wien and can apply for the double degree program during the first semester. If they are awarded to one of the five places, they complete the third and fourth semester in the Master by Research: Mechanical Engineering / Sports Technology at Mid Sweden University. At Mid Sweden University, both the Master's thesis and the Master's examination are completed. The supervisor of the UAS Technikum Wien attends the Master's examination either on site or via online meeting.

Clemens Frühwirth

Everyday life here in Östersund is hardly any different to that in Vienna, yet aside from the everyday life, the days here can be arranged very differently to how things are in Vienna. During the week, I usually spend the day at the university and work on my Master’s thesis, and the afternoon usually involves some sporting activities. The time can be divided here very freely, making it possible to pursue sports or other hobbies. The sports facilities at the university are also very extensive, but you can also find the right thing for you away from the university itself. As there are no fixed office hours, you can spend time outside during the rare hours of sunshine in winter and start the working day in the early afternoon at dusk.

My Master’s thesis entitled “Hand-Cycling Aerodynamics: An investigation into the mechanical and physiological effects of different riding positions in competitive para hand-cycling” deals with the para sport hand-cycling. You can read more about this in my field report.

Clemes Frühwirth

Franziska Hoell

My wish to participate in the double degree program with Mid Sweden University in Östersund was already considerable with the decision to follow the Master’s degree program in “Sports Technology” in Vienna. My interest in a scientific working day at a university, the Scandinavian lifestyle and the fascinating nature were some of the reasons why I wanted to participate in the double degree program. I am all the more pleased that I can now fulfill this very wish.

The biggest difference between everyday life at UAS Technikum Wien and the everyday life at Mid Sweden University was immediately noticeable on the first day at the university: we got an office together with three other Master’s students, where we can work on our Master’s topics in an undisturbed and concentrated way. It feels more like I’m an intern in a company, as the daily routine is usually such that we spend an average of seven hours at university working on our Master’s topics. You can read everything about my time in Östersund in my report.

Franziska Hoell

Sebastian Klein

After getting up and making the short bike ride to the university, my working day as a Master by Research student begins. While riding to and from the university every day, I am able to get a good look at the changing vegetation, from the warm and sunny late summer to the snow-covered landscape in the bitterly cold winter. At the university, all Master by Research students of the Sports Tech Research Center sit together in one office and everyone can work individually on their Master’s thesis. It is very helpful to have your colleagues close by, as you are able to throw some questions into the room and to get a range of different opinions.

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Sebastian Klein