Expert Talk with Infineon

On May 4th the Department of Embedded Systems hosted, in cooperation with Infineon Technologies Austria AG, an expert talk. FH-Prof. DI Peter Balog, head of the Department of Embedded Systems, kicked off the evening with a kind introduction and accented the importance of industry cooperations and the impact on scientific education at the UAS Technikum Wien. This talk highlighted the perspectives for Bachelor & Master students at the company Infineon as well as internship options at Infineon. Also a glance at Infineons Research & Development (R&D) Network was introduced and the R&D topics of Infineon Austria were presented as well.

Hence, Dr. Siegfried Krainer, who is responsible for cooperations management and "Emerging Applications", introduced the expertise of Infineon in the field of automation and aviation, especially multicopters and drones. Additionally, Dr. Krainer introduced the "Emerging Applications Lab" which enables Infineon to cooperate with universities and other research institutions in Austria. The first Emerging Applications Lab (EAL) was founded 2016 at the Mechatronics department of the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI), the main focus of this EAL is the rapid development of system demonstrators, where the realization of different multicopters was one of the first tasks of Ing. Ronald Stärz, BSc and his team. The results are the LARIX Board, the Widefield Board as well as the first single-controller solution worldwide, the Flying-PCB which incorporates attitude control and BLDC control of all motors in one XMC4500 microcontroller from Infineon.

In autumn 2016 Roman Beneder, MSc, project manager of the public funded competence team OpenLab, and two of his students from the Bachelor's degree program Electronics, attended the "Industry meets makers" contest, hosted by Infineon. The goal of this contest was to develop an application scenario based on a microcontroller-based multicopter and implement the necessary firmware and software modules. Due to the positive response by Infineon on the developed application Roman Beneder, MSc and FH-Prof. DI Dr. Martin Horauer, head of the Bachelor degree program Electronics, were invited to meet Dr. Siegfried Krainer at Infineon in Villach. Based on these meetings and former cooperations of the Dept. of Embedded Systems with Infineon (e.g. Josef-Ressel-Zentrum) Dr. Siegfried Krainer agreed to this expert talk. Finally, Roman Beneder, MSc concluded the evening with a talk on former cooperations of the Dept. of Embedded Systems with Infineon and gave an outlook for possible joint actions with Infineon Technologies Austria AG.