Excellence in eHealth Awarded Twice – Health Research Award 2017

On 15.03.2017 the 9th Österreichische Gesundheitswirtschaftskongress took place. Within this event the 6th Health Research Award has been awarded. 

Conference Report: HL7 FHIR Developer Days

Biomedical Engineering Sciences student Mahmoud Alakraa reports from an international conference. 

Verleihung des Diversitas Preis

“Diversitas 2016”: Mitterlehner honors universities and research institutes

Science Minister Reinhold Mitterlehner presented the “Diversitas” award in Vienna for the first time on 6 December. Together with Department Head Iris Rauskala, Mr. Mitterlehner honored eight projects from Austrian universities and research institutes that are driving the topic of diversity management.


ESN on tour: CEP conference in Pécs

Peter Alexander Eftimov's report from the Central European Platform in Pécs, Hungary.

BKA/Denise Rudolf

Assistive technology: second place at the WINTEC award

Ein Team vom Institut für Embedded Systems belegte den 2. Platz beim Preis des Sozialministeriums für Inklusion.  

International Week

First International Week at UAS TW: An enriching experience

Under the motto “Technology Connects People” (TCP), the first International Week was held at UAS Technikum Wien from May 23 – 27, 2016.  

Blog Writing Competition 1

Blog Writing Competition "Robotics and AI"

At the beginning of summer semester 2016, a blog writing competition was arranged between the blog Robotics and AI and Lisa Nazarenko of the Department of Humanities. This competition was exclusively for students of UAS Technikum Wien. 


10 ways to have fun while studying at Harvard

Garazi Monzo Contreras from our Master’s program Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine has made a list of the top ten things to do in Boston.


Business Informatics Bachelor’s and Master’s degree

Florian Eckkrammer und Christine Docsek sprechen über die Besonderheiten dieses Bereichs an der Schnittstelle zwischen IT und Management. 

Way2Smart Korneuburg

Model project for a socially compatible town self-sufficient in terms of energy

20 years from now, the town of Korneuburg intends to be self-sufficient in terms of energy and carbon-neutral. The UAS Technikum Wien contributes to this venture within the context of a research project.