Cover der Broschüre zum BMBWF-Würdigungspreis

Appreciation Award of the Ministry of Science for two UAS Technikum Wien graduates

Markus Riechl and Marcel Schweitzer, two graduates of the UAS Technikum Wien were awarded for their master theses by the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research.

Matthias Scherer und Katharina Raabe-Stuppnig beim WKW-Vortrag

New Medical Devices Regulation: WKW Lecture with Matthias Scherer

The new EU Medical Devices Regulation poses new challenges for many companies. As part of an online lecture by the WKW specialist group for health professions, UAS Technikum Wien expert Matthias Scherer and lawyer Katharina Raabe-Stuppnig provided advice and practical tips for entrepreneurs.

FH Technikum Wien

UAS Technikum Wien joins the "Alliance of Sustainable Universities"

The University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien strengthens its commitment to sustainability: At the beginning of December, the declaration of accession to the association "Alliance of Sustainable Universities" was signed. Together, the participating universities of applied sciences want to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the areas of teaching, research, university management and cooperation.

Windkraftanlage und Photovoltaik-Anlage

Optimization of hybrid power plants: Award from the City of Vienna for the Master's Thesis of the Renewable Energies Program

Nikolas Fußenegger dealt with the optimization of hybrid power plants in his final thesis in the Master's program Renewable Energies and received the Scientific Award of the City of Vienna in the field of environmental protection.

Siegerteam Health Innovation Days

First place for UAS Technikum Wien students at EIT Health Innovation Days 2021

For one week, students developed VR and AR concepts for the healthcare sector at the EIT Health Innovation Days. A team from the Master's program in Health and Rehabilitation Technology made it to first place in the challenge with their concept.

FHTW-Lektor Lars Mehnen in Schwerelosigkeit auf Parabelflug

Completely detached: UAS Technikum Wien expert Lars Mehnen took part in ESA's zero-G flight

At the end of October, Lars Mehnen, a lecturer and researcher at the UAS Technikum Wien and the Technikum Wien Academy, was given the rare opportunity to participate in an ESA parabolic flight.

Skispringer im Windkanal

Student project: Ski jumping tests in the wind tunnel

Students of the bachelor program Human Factors & Sports Engineering conducted test measurements in a wind tunnel with junior athletes of the Nordic Combiners.

First official delegation trip of the rectorate after their nomination

Rector Sylvia Geyer and Vice-Rector Stefan Sauermann, together with representatives of the Faculties of Life Sciences and Industrial Engineering and the International Office, embarked on their first official delegation trip at the beginning of November since their rectorate appointment.

Erasmus Day Folder

Erasmus Days 2021 @ UAS Technikum Wien

More sustainable, more inclusive, more digital, more international: At the Erasmus Days 2021, the International Office provided insights into the numerous innovations in the mobility program.

Gruppenfoto der OPEC-VESP Teilnehmer*innen

Energy and Climate as Topics at OPEC's Vienna Energy Scholarship Program

Insights into an international organization and expert discussions on energy and environmental topics: UAS Technikum Wien student Isabella Goger participated in OPEC's inaugural Vienna Energy Scholarship Programme in October.