Erasmus+ Award 2019

UASTW named as one of the three best Erasmus+ projects in Austria for the third time!

Every year, the Austrian National Agency Erasmus+ Bildung nominates projects of outstanding quality and exceptionally committed project management in the Austrian education sector. For the third time, the mobility project of FH Technikum Wien was nominated among the best three in the field of Higher Education in Austria during yesterday's ERASMUS+ Award 2019 ceremony on December 3, 2019. 

Vortrag Peking Universität

A new look at China’s innovation power

A year ago, UAS Technikum Wien was the first university in Europe to offer a course dedicated specifically to China’s National Innovation System. The focus: “From ‘Made in China’ to ‘Created in China’”.

DC Resilient Embedded Systems (TU Wien & FH Technikum Wien): Call for Application

As a third cohort of students is scheduled to start in the winter term October 2020 in the DC-RES, our next call will open on November 21, 2019. A central goal of TU Wien Informatics is the sustainable increase of the proportion of women in academic staff and different measures are taken to support women. Therefore we explicitly encourage female candidates to apply. Preference will be given when equally qualified. The call will be open until March 24, 2020, 23:59 (CET)


Workshop at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST)

Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia - UAS Technikum Wien Rector Fritz Schmöllebeck and FH-Prof. Peter Franz participated in the President’s Forum with the aim to bring together Presidents/Rectors of leading partner universities to exchange and share their experiences. “We further hope to construct options for exchange of globalized knowledge, enhance collaborative pathways for the future, and develop justified policies for sustainable development”, so Peter Franz.


Teaching and Learning Center: International E-Learning Award for mathematics and physics platform

E-learning is not only a top priority at the UAS Technikum Wien, the Teaching and Learning Center’s applications and projects also regularly win international awards.

erasmus-days FHTW

Those were the #ERASMUSDAYS at the UAS Technikum Wien

Every year from 10 to 12 October, Europeans celebrate the EU's flagship project Erasmus+, which has allowed millions of European citizens to spend valuable time abroad to study, work or complete further training.

Firmenmesse 2019

The UAS Technikum Wien career expo reached new highs

Where 114 potential employers met 1,400 visitors: the UAS Technikum Wien’s event for employers has developed into one Austria’s largest career expos for jobs in technology.

Fritz Schmöllebeck Petrosani

Rector Fritz Schmöllebeck awarded honorary doctorate

An honorary doctorate from the University of Petroșani in Romania was awarded to Fritz Schmöllebeck, Rector of the UAS Technikum Wien.

European Researcher's Night

Throwback to the European Researcher's Night

The faculty of Life Sciences Engineering contributed to the European Researchers' Night with two hands-on exhibitions promoting scientific research in an accessible way. The participants were encouraged to ask questions and experiment with research outputs over the course of the entire evening.