New Intellectual Capital Report in a new layout

The latest edition of our Intellectual Capital Report presents a comprehensive summary of the study year 2017/18 in a new layout.

LAPIN AMK & UAS Technikum Wien

LAPIN AMK & UAS Technikum Wien: Cooperative International Student Project 2018-19

In their first common international student project, students from LAPIN AMK and UAS Technikum Wien focused on the energy design of a new district in Korneuburg. 

Double is simply better: Double Degree Program for Master’s in Sports Technology

The double degree program of the Master’s in Sports Technology offers students the opportunity to graduate from UAS Technikum Wien as a “Master of Science in Engineering” as well as from Mid Sweden University (Östersund, Sweden) as a “Master of Science”.

The neighborhood as a sustainable source of energy

UAS Technikum Wien conducts research into PlusEnergy neighborhoods worth living in and focuses on the needs of residents.

Tackling the Digital Challenge at UAS Technikum Wien

New creative paths for Teaching the Digital Challenge were discovered during the fourth international week held at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien (UASTW).

KNX Certification Conference and Scientific Partner at UAS Technikum Wien

In mid-October, FH Technikum Wien focused on the topics of KNX and Smart Home, as the KNX Certification and the KNX Scientific Conference was organized by the Faculty of Electronic Engineering at UAS Technikum Wien.

Erasmus+ Award – UASTW among the best three in Higher Education

The International Credit Mobility Project 2016 of UAS Technikum Wien which was successfully completed in 2018 was awarded as one of the three best Erasmus+ projects of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Austria.

An exciting medical congress and a ceremonial opening of the faculty

On November 6, 2018, the LISAvienna Conference took place at the Technikum, followed by the opening of the Life Science Engineering Faculty.