10 ways to have fun while studying at Harvard

After Lena Unterlerchner’s account on her life in Boston in our newsletter last month, our student Garazi Monzo Contreras from our Master’s program Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine has made a list of the top ten things to do in Boston. Both students are financing their semester abroad with the Marshall Plan Schloarship (next deadline : mid-November for the spring term). 

Harvard yard

Harvard is a well-known top-university all around the globe. Many different important people studied here, including Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. However, Harvard is not only meant for intense studying, but you can also find many fun things to do! Below you will find a list of 10 things to do while studying in Harvard.

1. Museums: Boston has a neat museum of science which is very interactive, an aquarium (New England Aquarium) where you can see penguins and seals, and many art gallerias. Apart from the museums in Boston, Harvard offers many museums free for students. You can explore from the ancient animals in the natural history museum to modern art collected from artists all around the world at Harvard art museum.

2. Shopping: One thing you cannot miss in America is shopping! Around Harvard there are many shops with Harvard university gear. In downtown Boston you find Newbury street, which is famous for its many boutiques with unique clothing. But if you are more of a bargain shopper, there are many outlets where you can get big discounts on clothes such as Buffalo Exchange or Second Time Around.

3. Night life: There are more than 100 universities and colleges in greater Boston, so it is normal to assume that it has a big nightlife. However, be aware that bars and clubs close between 1 and 2 am. In any square you can find many Irish pubs, due to the large amount of Irish immigrants. If you are more of a dancing person, downtown there are lots of bars and clubs with dancefloors. Harvard itself has some bars and it organizes parties and balls from time to time. You have to be quick before tickets sell out!

4. Sports events like hockey, baseball and American football: Americans are famous for their avocation for sports such as hockey, baseball, basketball and American football. In the winter you can attend a raging hockey game at TD gardens, or enjoy a relaxing baseball game at Fenway during spring. You can’t miss watching the super bowl at a bar full of overexcited Americans.

5. Ice skating: even if winters are very cold, you can always find a way to enjoy the weather by ice skating. Boston offers many indoor and outdoor ice rinks in many different locations. Harvard offers a free ice rink with a 5$ ice skate rental!

6. Attending seminars: renowned scientists from relevant organizations such as MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital, give talks at Harvard about their cutting edge research. They are completely free!

7. Gym: Harvard offers free membership for students and reduced price for staff.  The location of the gyms on campus is very convenient. Apart from the usual gym facilities (fitness equipment and swimming pool), it also offers many fitness classes all day long and sport clubs.

8. Taste different food: you can taste many different kinds of cuisines such as Mexican, Indian, Chinese, etc. However, American restaurants are also everywhere were you can eat a huge burger with a side of large fries.

9. Penguins at the Aquarium] Meeting people from all around the world: Boston is the most international city in the USA. There are many societies that you can join. Harvard plaza has fire pits, which are lit every night and can be a good opportunity to meet other students.

10. Travel: Boston has many skiing resorts in the winter and nice beaches in Cape Cod. Take a weekend off and visit New York City! It is only 4 hours away by bus. Other nearby locations are Washington, Philadelphia and Niagara Falls! To visit these places you may need to hire a car. When planned in advance, flying to Florida or California can also be very affordable!

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