Altlastensanierung FHTW Projekt Aufreinigungskaskade

Innovative process for the clean-up of contaminated sites with FHTW participation

A team from the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien is currently working on a new process as part of a research project that should enable faster and cheaper clean-up of mineral oil-contaminated soils. A symposium on this topic will be held on May 31.

MedTec Summer Academy 2021

MedTec Summer Academy 2021: Practical projects and summer feeling

At the MedTec Summer Academy from July 11th to 17th in Raabs a.d. Thaya, students work together on projects from the field of medical technology and gain insights into the work of experts from various disciplines.

Additive Fertigung mit Knickarmroboter - digitale Fabrik der FHTW

3D printing with the robot: Manufacturing complex free-form parts without support material

Research is currently underway at the Digital Factory of the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien on how additive manufacturing technology can be combined with the use of robots to achieve more stable designs in the production of free-form parts.

Datentricks - Vergleichsgrafik

Critical eye required: Four tips on how to recognize graphical data tricks

Visual representations of numbers and data are omnipresent in the media - and sometimes deliberately misleading. FHTW lecturer Matthias Scherer explains how to read data and graphs correctly.

Educon 2021

EDUCON 2021: "Women in Engineering" as the motto for the conference organized by Carinthia UAS and UAS Technikum Wien

EDUCON is one of the most important conferences in the field of STEM education and this year is jointly organized by Carinthia UAS and UAS Technikum Wien. The event will take place from 21st to 23rd April as an online event with the thematic focus on "Women in Engineering".

Aging Tissue Zellalterung Forschungsprojekt FHTW

Understanding the process of aging: UAS Technikum Wien research project seeks methods to influence cell aging and tissue regeneration

In the project "Aging Tissue", funded by the City of Vienna, a team of scientists at the UAS Technikum Wien is investigating the effects of age on the regenerative capacity of body tissue. The aim is to investigate the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of age-specific diseases and to find starting points for anti-aging treatments.

FH Technikum Wien Standort Energy Base

Conserving resources instead of technological upgrading: New strategies sought for urban centers

In the "FIRST" project, the UAS Technikum Wien is investigating the possible applications of "frugal" innovation processes in Austria's municipalities and cities.


Precision measurement technology for research and industry: World Interferometry Day shines spotlight on important technology

From laser rangefinders to gravitational wave detectors: Applications like these would not be possible without interferometry. World Interferometry Day on April 14th aims to bring this important technology more into the public spotlight. The FHTW is also taking up the initiative.

double degree uas technikum wien finland

Double Degree Program: Between the Midnight Sun and the Viennese Way of Life

Since fall, Lapland UAS has been on board as one of seven partner universities in the Double Degree Program of the UAS Technikum Wien. Four students from Vienna are currently completing the final year of their bachelor's degree in Kemi, and two Finnish participants are currently studying at the Technikum. Here they report on their experiences.

Sylvia Geyer

Sylvia Geyer to become new rector of UAS Technikum Wien

The business IT expert will succeed long-time rector Fritz Schmöllebeck in the fall, and Stefan Sauermann will become vice rector. With Managing Director Gabriele Költringer, there are now two women in the university management.