Appreciation Award of the Ministry of Science for two UAS Technikum Wien graduates

Markus Riechl and Marcel Schweitzer, two graduates of the UAS Technikum Wien were awarded for their master theses by the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research.

Every year, the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) awards an appreciation prize for the best diploma and master's degrees at all Austrian universities and universities of applied sciences. Out of approximately 16,000 degrees awarded each year, the 50 best papers are honored, with nominations coming from the universities and the Conference of Universities of Applied Sciences. This year, Markus Riechl and Marcel Schweitzer, two graduates of the FH Technikum Wien, were honored for their outstanding master's theses.

Markus Riechl completed his master's degree in health and rehabilitation technology at UAS Technikum Wien in 2020 and dedicated his master's thesis to the topic "Methodical evaluation of different feedback channels based on motion data generated by wearable sensors." Feedback takes a high priority in medical rehabilitation. By providing feedback on the success of movement execution, feedback supports the learning and recovery of motor functions. In the master thesis, Riechl investigated different feedback methods with regard to differences in the correct execution of motor exercises. In addition, the personal perception of the test persons was evaluated.

Marcel Schweitzer, on the other hand, studied at the UAS Technikum Wien in the master's program Renewable Energies; he successfully completed the program last summer semester. In his master's thesis, he dedicated himself to an aspect of the security of supply of the electricity system in Austria with an "Analysis of the economic benefits of the balancing energy market in commercial enterprises". Control energy is an energy-technical process that is intended to ensure that electricity generation and consumption are in balance at all times in order to avoid downtimesor even a "blackout". For his master's thesis, Schweitzer investigated whether and to what extent selected commercial enterprises can economically provide such control energy and thus contribute to the security of supply of the domestic electricity system. 


Markus Riechl (left) and Marcel Schweitzer received the BMBWF appreciation award.