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At the beginning of summer semester 2016, a blog writing competition was arranged between the blog Robotics and AI and Lisa Nazarenko of the Department of Humanities. This competition was exclusively for students of UAS Technikum Wien. 

The intention of the competition was to encourage students to write entries that were not just technical in nature, but also offered their views and analysis about the topics. The motto of the Robotics & AI website is "let’s talk about the future" and most articles debate the relevance of new technologies. The blog wanted competition entries to do the same with their topics – to think like engineers and debate the future.

There were three categories for blog post entries:

a. Report on a Robotics/AI trend/topic and also speculate about its impact, its future and its pros and cons.

b. Speculate about any areas where Robotics and AI have not been used before and where it can make a difference.

c. Blog about a lab project that the student may be working on which relates to Robotics or AI and also detail its relevance.

Students from various programmes, semesters 2 to 6, submitted entries, including Mechatronics & Robotics, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Urban Renewable Energy Technologies, and Electronics & Business. The entries were judged based on technical merit and on how the entrant analysed the relevance of the topic for the future. The judges were:

  • Mr. M Swaminathan (Director, Product and Business Operations INSEA for YAHOO, Singapore)
  • Mr. Arun Prabhudesai  (Founder & Editor of - one of India's biggest Business & Technology Blogs) 
  • Mrs. Ifeoma Nwogu (Research Assistant Professor at State University of New York, Buffalo, USA)

The winners were announced on 6 June 2016 (in alphabetical order with the title of their entry):

  • Samr El Arby (BMB-4B2)
    • “The Most Important Invention for Every Engineer”
  • Marcel Fuschlberger (BMR-4B2)
    • “Intelligent Swarm of Drones for Harvesting Fruit”
  • Christoph Weidinger (BMR-4C1)
    • “Quick, Call a Robocop!”

and runner-up:

  • Dominik Natter (BMR-4B1)
    • “Want a Ride?”

The winning entries are featured on the blog:

Discussion is now underway with the blog administrators to determine whether there can be another writing competition in academic year 2016-2017. In the meantime, all students are encouraged to register with the blog Robotics and AI so that they can submit blog entries that share their innovative ideas. Any kind of relevant article is welcome, and full author credits will be given to the writer.