Double is simply better: Double Degree Program for Master’s in Sports Technology

The double degree program of the Master’s in Sports Technology offers students the opportunity to graduate from UAS Technikum Wien as a “Master of Science in Engineering” as well as from Mid Sweden University (Östersund, Sweden) as a “Master of Science”.
In the first and second semesters, students attend the courses of the Master’s degree in Sports Technology at UAS Technikum Wien and can apply for the double degree program in the first semester. If you receive one of the five places, you will complete the third and fourth semesters in the Master by Research: Mechanical Engineering / Sports Technology at Mid Sweden University. Both the Master’s thesis and the Master’s examination are handled at Mid Sweden University. The supervisor from UAS Technikum Wien attends the Master’s examination either on-site or via an online meeting.
Three students who are attending the double degree program describe their experiences in beautiful Östersund below.

Clemens Frühwirth   Franziska Höll  Sebastian Klein