eHealth Summer School: when Passion for Medicine meets Information Technology

For the first time, this year a summer school with the topic “eHealth” took place at the Technikum. Participants were students all over the world, who were looking forward to get to know more about eHealth and the beauty of the city of Vienna.

Keyword of the week was “eHealth”. eHealth combines the exciting topic of medicine with modern IT-solutions to be able to guarantee a better and contemporary medical care. This combination is very contrary, just like the group of students was: some medical-students, together with engineers.

The first day started with a welcoming speech from the lecturers and a short introduction to the topic “Technologies of Healthcare Records and Telemonitoring”. After a get-together with coffee and pastries, the students started with their first lecture.

Every day was split into two sections. In the morning different professors gave keynotes, where the young men and women got some theoretical input to different topics of eHealth, in lectures. After lunch-break, the day continued. In the afternoon the students participated in workshops, where they put their theoretical knowledge into practice. A permanent attendant was “Sisi”, she has the name of the former empress, has some similarities with her and served as a case study for the students.

The topic of the first day was “Exploring and Managing the Patients Journey” and “Access to Austrian Healthcare”. One of the top-speakers was Dr. Clemens Auer, section-chief of the federal ministry for healthcare. After giving input to the Austrian healthcare-system, he asked the students some questions to think about: “Who is the owner of health data?”, “Why is digitalization making big progress, but least in healthcare?” or “How can you grant the right to healthcare, while you have to engage digitalization and health data?”. After this motivating speech, Dr. Günter Rauchegger, CEO of the ELGA GmbH, proceeded. He gave first-hand insights into the IT-architecture of the Austrian electronic health record and informed about the future-focus. The first evening ended with an Heurigen-visit, sponsored by the ELGA GmbH.

On Tuesday the summer school continued with “Medical Monitoring & Information Acquisition”. The students learned about integration of medical devices and health data quality. Another keyspeaker was Dr. Eurico Gaspar, director of pediatrics of a big hospital-network in Portugal. He informed about clinical use cases based on telemonitoring. Another speaker, Réne Schwarz, from gsm, talked about the planning of hospitals.

“Generation of Medical Reports” and “Master Clinical Documents” were the two big topics on Wednesday, with the focus on standardized data exchange, data modelling and terminology. Carina Seerainer, from ELGA GmbH, talked about the generation and administration of medical terminologies. In the evening the students ate together a “Healthineer Dinner”, sponsored by Siemens Healthineers.

On Thursday the leading topic was “Data Security”. In the afternoon the students worked on their individual projects. The evening was finalized with some Portuguese vine, oil, marmalade and talking about the upcoming summer schools in Jena, Germany, and Vila Real, Portugal.

On Friday the work on the own projects continued, and in the afternoon there was a presentation of the group project. Finally, there was a “Farewell Party” where the students could spend some time with each other and the professors to celebrate a good week full of eHealth-knowledge.