Graduation Ceremony in Moscow

On June 29, 2018, the third graduation ceremony for the double-degree Master’s programme in Big Data Systems (HSE, Russia) and Information Systems Management (UAS Technikum Wien, Austria) was kindly hosted at the Austrian Residence in Moscow. Dr. Hartmut Koller-Lenhardt, Chancellor at the Embassy of Austria, gave the opening speech. During the reception, he congratulated the graduates on successfully completing the programme and stressed the importance of cooperation between the universities for multi-cultural and professional communication.

The representatives of HSE – Boris Zhelezov, Deputy First Vice-Rector; Prof. Svetlana Maltseva, Academic Supervisor of the Big Data Systems programme; and Mikhail Komarov, Deputy Head of the School of Business Informatics, also took part in the ceremony together with the representatives of partner companies Croc Ltd. And FORS Development Ltd., who, highlighted the importance of joint activities between the universities and the programme’s importance for industry in their ceremony addresses.

Dr. Fritz Schmöllebeck, Rector of UAS Technikum Wien, expressed deep satisfaction with the fruitful long-term partnership between the two universities in his speech. Dr. Schmöllebeck also emphasized the importance of knowledge which students got from the studies for the ongoing digitalization and digital transformation.

Dr. Boris Zhelezov in his speech gave some statistics about the collaboration with University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien. For the five years of collaboration, the double-degree programme was supported with the Erasmus+ credit mobility programme three times, which allowed students and staff to get additional support from the EU to enhance collaboration between the two universities. In total, 29 students already graduated from the double-degree programme in the last 3 years and the number of students interested in studying in Austria and in Russia is increasing year by year. Dr. Zhelezov congratulated professors and students on this fruitful collaboration.

Dr. Helmut Gollner, Academic supervisor of the Information systems management programme, in his speech highlighted the achievements of the students during their studies in Austria and in Russia and put emphasis on the opportunities for the students based on the success stories of previous graduates of the programme.

This year, 9 graduates (five from the Austrian programme and four from the Russian programme) were awarded double-degree diplomas from both the HSE School of Business Informatics and Faculty of Business Informatics at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, demonstrating the successful collaboration between the two universities over the past five years.

For the second time, and by now becoming a tradition, the graduation ceremony was hosted by the Embassy of Austria in Moscow. Graduates were especially happy this year because their relatives were invited to the ceremony and come from Austria to Russia for that special day.

According to the agreement between the HSE and UAS Technikum Wien, students attended classes in both Russia and in Austria and presented their Master’s theses to a joint examination committee at the end of their studies.

The graduation ceremony always marks the end of an eventful period for our students and staff and serves as the perfect finale each study year!

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