‘Industriemagazin’ ranking: UAS Technikum Wien is the best university of applied sciences in Austria

UAS Technikum Wien is not only the ‘overall winner’ – the four faculties at UASTW also rank from first to fourth place in the new faculty rating.




The year 2021 has already seen UAS Technikum Wien lead the field in the annual ranking of universities of applied science conducted by ‘Industriemagazin’. The ranking is based on a survey of 150 human resources managers in Austrian companies.

In addition to the top result for the entire university, the recently launched faculty ranking produced another pleasing result: the four faculties at UAS Technikum Wien – Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Life Science Engineering and Electronic Engineering – took the first four places in that order.

Information about the ranking is available in the recently published March issue of ‘Industriemagazin’ (paywall).