Interdisciplinary knowledge as a success factor: Sports technology student wins international competition with ballet project

Elias Kai Wallnöfer combined know-how from computer science, machine learning and measurement technology for a project on ballet, winning first place in an international student competition held by ISEA.

The interdisciplinary education in the Sports Technology master's program offers students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines. For example, Elias Kai Wallnöfer, recently won first place in a competition organized by the International Sports Engineering Association (ISEA) with his measurement technology project and the infographic created as part of the Machine Learning lecture.

To create this illustration, the student combined content from the Applied Measurement Technology, Applied Computer Science and Machine Learning courses. In this way, he was able to create a measurement chain that allowed him to record specific movement data during the execution of ballet moves. To generate meaningful results from this raw data, it was necessary to understand the relationships at a wide variety of levels. In addition to sensor signals and the filtering and analysis of data, expert knowledge in the relevant discipline was also required here in order to be able to generate a meaningful model.

For Elias Kai Wallnöfer the first place at the ISEA competition is a great success. The program management congratulates him on his perseverance and wishes him the same success with further projects.