KNX Certification Conference and Scientific Partner at UAS Technikum Wien

KNX Certification Conference and Scientific Partner at UAS Technikum Wien

In mid-October, FH Technikum Wien focused on the topics of KNX and Smart Home, as the KNX Certification and the KNX Scientific Conference was organized by the Faculty of Electronic Engineering at UAS Technikum Wien.

More than 40 participants from the business world attended the KNX Certification Conference on October 17, finding out all about “new KNX products” and “testing and certification”.

The highlight for the KNX Scientific Partners is the International Science Conference, which is held every two years and took place on October 18 and 19. The over 50 participants, comprising universities of applied sciences, universities and KNX member companies, were able to attend presentations on new and exciting KNX system innovations as well as on both ongoing and completed research projects.

This year’s Scientific Conference focused on:

  • Security and IoT
  • Solutions
  • Energy Efficiency and Radio Frequency

In addition to attending interesting presentations, the audience were also tasked with voting on the contributions to award the KNX Scientific Award to the best presentation, with the focus being not just on the novelty of the topic but also the overall quality and added value of the project.

The presentation held by Zikatan Živkovi and Petar Tomi on the impact of KNX data security on application development using KAIstack came in third place. The presentation held by Christian Gossé, from Gossé & Tech Tapko, was called Firmware Update via KNX RF and took second place. The winner was 17-year-old Bram Roelandts, coming in first place for his presentation LoRa as a secure and wireless addition to KNX, which earned him €3,000 in prize money.

The award for the best conference paper was presented by Mr Demarest, CTO of the KNX Association.

UAS Technikum Wien was represented by Alija Sabic, UAS Technikum Wien; Wolfgang Granzer, NETx Automation; Friedrich Praus, UAS Technikum Wien with a contribution on “Network Intrusion Detection in Building Automation Systems”.

A copy of all presentations and posters shown at the conference can be downloaded here.

The conference showed once again that KNX faces a challenging future and that the Scientific Conference is considered to be a high-quality setting for exchanging views on ongoing technical developments that have a direct or indirect impact on the future of KNX. The innovations in the field of Smart Homes are incorporated into the syllabi of many degree courses at UAS Technikum Wien, in particular in the Bachelor’s degree program Smart Homes and Assistive Technologies.