Networking and exchange: online platform Students Support Students offers a wide range of support services

Launched in mid-2021, the online platform "SSS" offers students at the UAS Technikum Wien the opportunity for work related and social support and interaction. From online lectures to a job platform, the functions and offerings on the platform have since evolved considerably.

We all know how important student enthusiasm is to the educational process. During the lockdowns, however, this motivation really began to suffer, and students, moreover, began to complain of feelings of isolation caused by the lack of social contact. In response to this, David Warren and Mark Adams (lecturers at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Entrepreneurship) came up with the idea of SSS, or ‘Students Support Students’, an online platform – on Discord – to offer students from different degree programs an opportunity for exchange and to provide a medium for work related and social support and interaction.

Launched in mid-2021, SSS’s functions have continually been developing and expanding: Soon there were not just hundreds of students networking via the platform - socially as well as for exchanging factual and course related information - but well attended talks given by experts on such topics as investing or entrepreneurship. Moreover, activity and hobby channels came into being – to connect people attracted to the same interest and, more lately, an alumni and jobs sub-platform where alumni can share their details with job seeking students at the Technikum.

Most recently, over the last month, we have initiated an international section which serves as an additional channel to inform students about international opportunities at the university and also facilitates a very popular tandem language learning exchange. SSS, in short, is becoming an increasingly valuable social and educational tool to help students stay motivated and navigate a critical and challenging phase in their lives with success.