UASTW funds oead summer school for two students from partner institutions

While some students enjoyed their well-deserved leisure time during the summer holidays, others were visiting summer schools across the world. Among those, Shuyu Lushuyu and Yunhee Choi from our two strategic partner institutions China Three Gorges University (China) and Konkuk University (South Korea) were visiting the OeAD Housing Summer Schools in Vienna held under the motto “Green.Building.Solutions” (July 22 to August 13, 2017) and “Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems” (July 26 to August 11, 2017).

Since 2011, the OeAD-Housing Office has offered two academic summer programs with the objectives to raise awareness of sustainability issues, to encourage international exchange in education and to train highly qualified academic professionals, who may become future decision-makers in global politics and other high-level platforms.

This year's Green. Building. Solutions. academic program was divided in numerous modules, each focusing on one specific topic. In the first week, the program focused on subjects like historical Development & Introduction to Green Building Design, Urban Planning and Design, Initial Project Design and Sustainable Materials. The second week dealt with five different themes, namely Construction Ecology, Building Physics, Innovative Energy Technologies, Building Simulations as well as Daylight Engineering. The students not only worked on new concepts regarding sustainable architecture, planning and ecological building design but also enjoyed the annual excursions to Aspern's Urban Lakeside, Schloss Schönbrunn & Gardens, or the Light Lab at Danube University in Krems.

Shuyu Lushuyu's conclusion (China Three Gorges University) after having participated in the GREEN.BUILDING.SOLUTIONS. summer school: "Such an interesting program, lots of new inputs I haven't heard at college before! I am very grateful for the warm hospitality, if I get the chance I will come back to Vienna!"
The second program of the Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems (AEMS) summer school gave students the possibility to participate in the lectures, discussion panels and workshops that cover a variety of topics, from the reform or re-definition of money, an overhaul of the aim of economic activity towards solidarity and cooperation, tax reform, a reform of financial markets, all the way to a change in consumer culture and the reduction of resource consumption.

Yunhee Choi from our partner institution Konkuk University who visited this program says in retrospection: "The program of this year's summer school by the OeAD housing office was very impressive! Before, I didn’t really link economic and environmental issues. As the program was approx. 50% economics students and 50% from other disciplines like history, art, or religion, this program taught me to break down stereotypes and connect the different disciplines with each other. The location in Vienna was a bonus!"

In the framework of the internationalization strategy of the UAS Technikum Wien and its measures for deepening the strategic partnerships and increasing students’ mobility, the Center for International Relations of the UAS Technikum Wien granted the students with scholarships in order to support and facilitate the short term educational exchange in Vienna. During an evening together, Yunhee and Lu were invited to try a variation of typical Austrian tastes at restaurant “Steman” as well as learned more about Austrian culture and traditions.