VIPs descend on UAS Technikum Wien

FEEI am Technikum Oktober 2015

Around twenty renowned personalities from Austria’s electrical engineering and electronics industry recently visited UAS Technikum Wien. The CEOs of FEEI member companies, which include global market leaders in their respective technology segments, were impressed by the courses and research opportunities offered by the Viennese educational institution. Its high-tech infrastructure allows learning and research to take place in a modern environment, for instance in superbly-equipped laboratories for Automation Engineering, Smart Home and Ambient Assistive Applications, Sports Engineering and Biomechanics, and in the pilot room for Industry 4.0.

The need for high-quality training in technical fields has remained undiminished over the past few years. “It’s a fact that companies in the electrical engineering and electronics industry already have difficulties in satisfying their demand for young talents with technical training,” pointed out FEEI President Brigitte Ederer. “Qualified staff are more highly sought-after than ever before, in particular as a result of the digitalization of the production process, which acts as a catalyst for further growth. According to Public Employment Service Austria and the Austrian Institute of Economic Research, this will create 40,000 new jobs in Austria alone for the MINT sector. Here, institutions such as UAS Technikum Wien play a vital role.”

From the largest purely technical UAS to the best UAS in Austria

With over 9,000 graduates and 4,000 students, the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien is Austria’s largest purely technical university of applied sciences. The educational offerings currently consist of 13 bachelor’s and 17 master’s degree programs as well as four master’s courses, which are offered as full-time, part-time or distance study programs. Founded in 1994 as one of the first universities of applied sciences in Austria, it ranks today as one of the foremost institutions to offer high-quality, practice-oriented technical training. The trade journal Industriemagazin recently named the university of applied sciences “Austria’s best UAS of 2015”.

“UAS Technikum Wien is one of the few universities of applied sciences that is operated exclusively by representatives of business and industry,” explained Lothar Roitner, Chairman of UAS Technikum Wien and Managing Director of FEEI. “The close link between education, research and industry is a key factor for a successful business location.”

Unique degree programs

“UAS Technikum Wien has been training urgently needed young talents for over 20 years now. Several of the degree programs we offer are one-of-a-kind in Austria, or even in Europe,” said Fritz Schmöllebeck, Rector of UAS Technikum Wien. “This visit to our institution is an ideal opportunity to express our gratitude for the support we have received from the industrial sector over the last two decades.”

For instance, autumn 2015 saw the start of the first full-time Smart Homes and Assistive Technologies bachelor’s degree program in Austria. Future graduates of this degree program will be capable of developing individualized product solutions which enable people with special needs to have more autonomy in their daily lives.

UAS Technikum Wien is also the only university of applied sciences in Vienna to offer a mechanical engineering degree program. Short cycle programs with renowned business people as partners are also not seen anywhere else in Austria: In only three semesters, students can complete a course in App and Web Development and Social Media Management with a high academic standard. The educational offering and further training options also include master’s courses in User Experience Management, Project and Process Management, and Social Media Management.

Research at the university of applied sciences among the top 5 in Austria

Research and development has become extremely important at UAS Technikum Wien. Particular emphasis has always been placed on appointing staff with prior experience in industry and a great capacity for research. In a comparison of annual changes in turnover, the university of applied sciences ranks among the top 5 in Austria. Agencies, service providers, public entities, and companies in the engineering sector are among those who award research contracts to the university of applied sciences. Key focuses include e-health and renewable energies, embedded systems, and tissue engineering.