Brightly colored diversity: Street artist DXTR designs course folder for UAS Technikum Wien

Order your free Bachelor and Master folder with poster now and combine it with your registration for the Digital Open Days.

This was the first time that UAS Technikum Wien invited an artist to design a cover that addresses the subjects and contents for its new printed course folders. The famous German street artist and illustrator Dennis Schuster – also known as DXTR – successfully took on the challenge of representing the diversity of the various courses and of building a bridge to UASTW’s claim of ‘Change our tomorrow’. The result is a positive and humorous picture puzzle that flies in the face of the common misconception of technology as a reserved and inaccessible field. The front page of the Bachelor’s program is brightly colored and full of detail while the color for the Master’s program is restrained – instead, it stands out for its particularly high-quality embossing.

UASTW’s visual identity has taken a back seat for the illustration of the 2020/21 academic year but the color design and logo’s positioning reference it. The new design is a response to the catalogs’ new task that has arisen as a result of the pandemic: Instead of being a first point of contact and a signpost at trade-fair stands, the folders now serve as a high-quality tangible accompanying document to the digital information experience.


folder uas technikum wien


Free to order

Anyone in Austria who is interested can order both folders, including a large-format cover poster, free of charge:

Dennis Schuster was born in Bielefeld in 1983 and now lives and works as a freelance artist and illustrator in Berlin. He is better known under his DXTR alias and his style draws on elements of graffiti, even if that is a term that now no longer seems to fit. The topics and images are figurative, appear dreamy and playful at first glance – but always contain a dash of mysticism, irony and provocation. He uses graphic forms, elements of typography and comics to create figurative-abstract scenarios that may be described as pop surrealism. His main artistic focus is currently on large-scale murals.

He founded THE WEIRD – an artist collective that mixes such widely varying interests as painting, installation, character design, illustration and graffiti – at the end of 2011 and his work has brought him both national and international fame.

Printable material to download (via Technikum cloud)