Future Topic Artificial Intelligence: Info Session on the New Master's Program AI Engineering

Starting this fall, the UAS Technikum Wien will offer the new master's program AI Engineering and thus focus more strongly on one of the most important IT fields of the future. There will be an online info session on May 3.

Artificial intelligence ist one of the key concepts of digitalization, which will affect many areas of our daily lives. People are already being addressed by intelligent bots on the World Wide Web, gamers are playing against smart computer opponents in automatically generated artificial worlds, doctors are supported in image analysis by software that has learned from thousands of images. A broad range of applications is in sight for the future, as AI algorithms and their interaction with the environment are essential components of the development of future software and hardware systems. The demand for experts in artificial intelligence on the job market is also expected to experience rapid growth.

Starting in the coming winter semester, the UAS Technikum Wien will offer a Master's program in AI Engineering tailored to these requirements. For this purpose, the content of the previous master's program Game Engineering has been further developed and the curriculum has been revised. In addition to the new AI focus, the previous Game Engineering program will continue to be available as part of the specialization tracks. On Monday, May 3 (7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.), the UAS Technikum Wien invites interested students to an online info session, where it ist possible to get detailed information about the contents of the new study program. Registration is accessible here.

"Artificial Intelligence is one of the strategic IT topics of the future and with the further development, a variety of additional fields of activity and industries are open to graduates in addition to the game industry," says Alexander Mense, Head of the Faculty of Computer Science at the UAS Technikum Wien.

Graduates are in demand as high-quality software engineers, game developers, DevOps engineers or smart systems engineers in many sectors of the IT industry.

Activities in this segment include the development and implementation of AI-based systems and AI algorithms. This also includes fields such as machine learning, visual computing and mixed reality, interactive AI, the processing of speech and multimedia data, or the intelligent control of virtual characters. Other examples of an AI engineer's operating areas are the design and development of support systems, simulation applications or computer games.


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