UAS Technikum Wien joins the "Alliance of Sustainable Universities"

The University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien strengthens its commitment to sustainability: At the beginning of December, the declaration of accession to the association "Alliance of Sustainable Universities" was signed. Together, the participating universities of applied sciences want to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the areas of teaching, research, university management and cooperation.

Austrian universities of applied sciences have joined forces in the "Alliance for Sustainable Universities" to become active in this area. The aim of the initiative is to deal with the topic of sustainability in a holistic manner and to advance with respect to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The FH Technikum Wien is also strengthening its commitment in this important topic area and joined the Alliance of Sustainable Universities at the beginning of December.

Raising awareness, setting an example

"With this step, we want to fulfill our social responsibility as a university and, together with the participating partner institutions, contribute to raising awareness of sustainability issues. Especially as a technical university of applied sciences, we can make an important contribution here," says Gabriele Költringer, Managing Director of FH Technikum Wien. Maria Marienschek, Sustainability Officer of the University of Applied Sciences, adds: "I am very pleased that the FH Technikum Wien has joined the 'Alliance of Sustainable Universities'. By joining, we want to send a strong signal both internally and externally. Through the exchange of experiences and competencies among the universities of applied sciences, we can advance the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the areas of teaching, research, university management and cooperation. Because one thing is certain: the global challenges can only be met together!" 

Anchoring in organizational areas and study programs

The University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien intends to expand its commitment to this topic across all organizational areas. This includes, for example, the optimization of the waste management concept, the implementation of events as 'green events', the consideration of ecological aspects during business trips, and measures in the area of building infrastructure. The diverse aspects of sustainability are also to be more strongly anchored in the range of courses offered - from courses such as renewable energies to mechatronics and robotics. Students at Technikum Wien University of Applied Sciences are also currently working on creating a carbon footprint of the university for the first time as part of a study project. "Ultimately, we want to be active in all dimensions of sustainability that are relevant to us," says sustainability officer Maria Marienschek.

Joint projects

Within the framework of the initiative, the universities of applied sciences participating in the alliance want to use synergies and expand networks, promote exchange and set joint activities. These could be, for example, the development of new teaching and educational offers or a digital platform on sustainability in teaching, the submission of research projects or the organization of conferences and seminars. In university management, more emphasis should also be placed on raising awareness and measures for sustainable behavior. In addition to strengthening strategic partnerships and knowledge transfer, the presence in national and international university networks is also to be expanded. 

The "Alliance of Sustainable Universities" association originates from an initiative of FH Campus Wien and currently comprises more than half of all Austrian universities of applied sciences that are full members. "We are very pleased to welcome FH Technikum Wien as our 13th member in the Alliance of Sustainable Universities. With its portfolio of study programs and the resulting high level of expertise in various fields of sustainability, it represents a great enrichment for the jointly planned projects in our alliance," says Elisabeth Steiner, Chairwoman of the Alliance of Sustainable Universities