University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien Wins Erasmus+ Award 2015 for Higher Education

FH Technikum Wien gewinnt FH Technikum Wien gewinnt Erasmus+ Award für Hochschulbildung

(From left to right: Sandra Allmayer (Head of Center for International Relations at UAS Technikum Wien), Agnes Kriz (Deputy Head of Center for International Relations at UAS Technikum Wien and Staff Mobility Coordinator), Elmar Pichl (Head of Department at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy ), Ernst Gesslbauer (Head of the National Agency for Erasmus+ Education). [Photo credits: OeAD-GmbH/APA-Fotoservice/Schedl Photographer: Ludwig Schedl]


UAS Technikum Wien is one of the first winners of the new “Erasmus+ Award 2015”, having come top in the “Higher Education” category. Yesterday, the award was presented for the first time by the national agencies for “Erasmus+ Education” and “Erasmus+: Youth in Action”. As part of the Erasmus+ EU program, the Erasmus+ Award recognizes high quality and outstanding achievements, such as an attractive learning/experiential environment or a contribution toward sustainable internationalization.

“We are delighted to receive this honor, which we see as an endorsement of our new International Board and the university's new international outlook,” says Sandra Allmayer, who heads the Center for International Relations at UAS Technikum Wien. “The new measures for promoting mobility among students, as well as among staff and lecturers, are now starting to bear fruit. For instance, we have managed to increase staff participation in international exchanges by 168 percent, compared with the 2013/14 academic year. That is why we would like to share the award with all the students and staff at UAS Technikum Wien who have demonstrated such commitment to internationalization and/or who have actually been abroad themselves over the past academic year,” concludes Allmayer. 

Higher education mobility project

UAS Technikum Wien strives for high-quality and innovative international collaboration in the fields of teaching and research, and is implementing strategic measures to increase mobility. The first aim of the award-winning mobility project is to extend and promote the university's existing international activities. In particular, this means facilitating semesters and internships abroad for students and organizing networking events that bring incoming students into contact with those that may be about to leave. The second aim is to use this mobility project as a basis for expanding and deepening strategic partnerships at the university in the future. This encompasses student and lecturer mobility, the expansion of joint study programs, and collaboration based on joint research projects. UAS Technikum Wien currently runs intensive exchange programs with 74 partner universities in Europe, Asia, Australia, as well as North and South America.